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Press Release -- May 27th, 2014
Source: Nokia Siemens Networks

Nokia steps up security focus with launch of special unit

Opens Security unit as central office for security processes, partnerships and guidance for product development

May 27, 2014

Espoo, Finland – Nokia today announced the launch of a dedicated Security unit to ensure new products have security baked in, enhance the portfolio of security products and services, and develop business models around telco security.

The new unit, to be set up on June 1, 2014, will also further expand Nokia’s security partner ecosystem to create additional value for operators and make security a positive differentiator.  It will be part of Mobile Broadband organization, one of the cornerstones of the Networks business at Nokia.

“The new Security unit will bring together security experts and talent from across the company – customer operations, global services and technology & innovation teams, for example – with the aim of tackling the full set of requirements for robust telco security,” said Marc Rouanne, executive vice president, Mobile Broadband at Nokia. “We will continue to encourage industry dialogue and knowledge sharing in terms of security research to improve awareness of this crucially important area of telco business, including with open source software. This will become critically important as mobile broadband networks are starting to evolve towards the cloud.”

Security is increasingly important for mobile users. Nokia’s 2014 Customer Acquisition and Retention Study Report showed that 75% of customers consider security to be the operator’s responsibility. A significant portion of mobile subscribers are likely to switch operator in case of security issues, and they are willing to pay extra for reliable security protection.

Nokia is leading the industry in taking important steps towards responding to the concerns of mobile users and building advanced telco security solutions. In a recent development, Nokia pledged to help the OpenSSL Project in its fight against future vulnerabilities like Heartbleed by making a substantial financial donation and becoming the Project’s first Platinum sponsor. Nokia also recently announced plans to launch a Mobile Broadband Security Center in Berlin for knowledge exchange with customers, business and research partners, and public authorities. The establishment of a dedicated Security unit is yet another proofpoint of Nokia’s emphasis on security as a critical factor for mobile broadband networks.

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