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Press Release -- October 9th, 2013
Source: Sprint Nextel

Providing a Wireless Network of Protection for Stanley Security

An esteemed security intrusion company like Stanley Security can’t afford shoddy teamwork or subpar network performance with a wireless carrier partner.

That’s why Sprint and one of the largest electronic security companies in North America are teaming up on an M2M (machine-to-machine) solution to enable and connect certified wireless air cards, routers along with custom data access plans for verified security control panels to be installed at Stanley’s thousands of retail, industrial, government, commercial and educational customer sites.

“Sprint is a large provider of mobile phones for Stanley Security and its reputation for service, ease-of-doing-business, and product development is top notch,” said Kasderic A. Williams, global product manager, Intrusion & Video-Stanley Security. “Comfort with the Sprint sales team and the performance of its wireless network make for an exemplary agreement. Our joined strength to quickly ramp up, develop and commercialize tightly integrated solutions solidifies our future success to remain the best in the industry.”

The new iBase/FlexiBase control panel product lines by Sonitrol allow for multiple forms of wireless IP connectivity, which means more redundancy and service options for their customers. Sprint’s 3G CDMA and 4G LTE network serves as either the failover (backup) or primary access depending on the application and the installation preferences made by Sonitrol and their customer.

“Today, more of our control panels are powered by Sprint’s wireless network and new system installations requiring this type of support are adapting in an expeditious fashion,” Williams said. “We have about 70,000 audio intrusion systems today that we can modernize or replace with Sprint’s assistance.”

Stanley Security has been an integral and growing component of its parent Stanley Black and Decker for years. It added the iconic Sonitrol to its portfolio of Security Brands in 2008.

Stemming from agreements with Stanley Works and Black & Decker separately, Sprint was named a wireless carrier when SB&D was formed March 12, 2010. The extent of the relationship has grown through the years and culminated in the recent M2M alliance and cooperative development of the iBase and FlexiBase control panels with Stanley Security Brand Sonitrol.

Not long ago, end users with Stanley Security and other intrusion alarm companies had to rely on a much slower PSTN (public switched telephone network) or DSL for its security-related monitoring. Today, schools, retail shops, warehouses and the hundreds of thousands of people who occupy them are being protected by Stanley Security’s state-of-the-art technology powered by the Sprint wireless network. Stanley Security has more than 75 offices serving more than 120 of the largest metro areas in North America.

If you’d like to learn more about Sprint’s innovative M2M security and video solutions, contact Denny Nunez at To learn more about the Stanley Security service offering, contact Jim Gonzalez @

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