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Press Release -- October 20th, 2013
Source: Huawei

Huawei Releases Cyber Security White Paper

Details how to make cyber security part of a company’s DNA; calls for common international cyber security standards

[Seoul, Korea, 18 October 2013]: Huawei today released a Cyber Security White Paper designed to inform ongoing discussions on how the global industry can address cyber security challenges. The white paper discusses how to make cyber security a part of a company’s DNA and calls for common international cyber security standards to be agreed upon and implemented globally. This is Huawei’s second white paper on cyber security.

October 18, 2013, Seoul, Korea, John Suffolk, Global Chief Security Officer of Huawei, launches the second Huawei Cyber Security White Paper. The White Paper is designed to inform ongoing discussions on how the global industry can address cyber security challenges. This is Huawei’s second white paper on cyber security.

One year ago, Huawei published its first Cyber Security White Paper, confirming its intention and commitment to work with public and private sector stakeholders to jointly capitalize on the benefits of technology and globalization, while rationally and pragmatically addressing related challenges. Since then, there has been a significant shift globally towards greater cooperation on cyber security issues and more and more countries have adopted a pragmatic approach by adding security laws and regulations development to their agenda.

Huawei’s latest white paper provides much more detail into its end-to-end cyber security approach, including a more practical overview of the approach Huawei takes to the design, build and deployment of technology that involves cyber security considerations, including overarching strategy and governance structure, its day-to-day processes and standards, staff management, R&D, security verification, third-party supplier management, manufacturing, delivery and traceability.

“At Huawei, when we consider security, we do not just consider addressing yesterday’s problems, or even the problems we experience today, rather, we focus equally on laying down the foundations for securing tomorrow’s world, a world that is dramatically different to what it is today,” said John Suffolk, Global Cyber Security Officer of Huawei.

“It is with an eye to the future that we recognise and embrace the need for international industry standards for cyber security.”

As ICT becomes more central to our lives and business operations, cyber security challenges in this industry need to be addressed by the global community jointly. The publication of this new white paper is part of Huawei’s efforts to contribute to this increasingly important issue.

“Our most modest hope is that this white paper serves as a catalyst for broader, collaborative and rationally-informed public-private dialogue to meet common cyber security goals and objectives,” said John Suffolk.

John Suffolk speaking at the Seoul Conference on Cyberspace 2013 on Oct. 17

Speaking in a panel discussion at the Seoul Conference on Cyberspace 2013 yesterday,

Mr. Suffolk shared his views on facing the threat and challenges of cyber security. He said: “It is time to press the reset button on the security challenge and ask ourselves if we wish the future to be different from the past, and indeed today, in what way will we work together to define and agree new norms of behaviour, new standards, new laws and create a new realism in the balance between privacy and security.”

“The problem with standards today is that they are not standard. The more that governments, enterprises and technology vendors can detail common standards, understand their purpose and the positive difference they make and commit to their effective adoption through buyers using their buying power, the more the world will begin to see a difference. This is not about solving every problem, but it is about having a common agreement about what problems we are trying to solve and how they should be solved.”

“We recognise we still have much to do to continuously improve our approach. However, our commitment to openness and transparency drives everything we do and we believe the more people who review, consider, assess and question our policies and procedures, the greater the promotion and impact on our ability to deliver better quality products and services,” said Mr. Suffolk.

Mr. Suffolk concluded his remarks by saying, “Huawei will continue to work with governments, customers and other stakeholders to meet their cyber security assurance requirements in an open, collaborative and transparent way. We believe it is only by working together internationally, as vendors, customers and policy and law makers, will we make a substantial difference in addressing the global cyber security challenge.”

The Huawei Cyber Security White Paper (Oct. 2013) can be found at:

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