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Press Release -- October 17th, 2013
Source: Huawei

China Telecom and Huawei to Build Global Backbone OTNs

[Shenzhen, China, October 17, 2013]: Huawei, a leading global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider, and China Telecom, one of the largest state-owned carriers in China, jointly announced today that Huawei has been selected as China Telecom’s partner in the global deployment of the backbone optical transport network (OTN). Huawei will employ its innovative OTN + wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) solution to efficiently deploy the high-bandwidth international private line services. This project will help enhance China Telecom’s leadership in the international private line market.

The backbone OTNs will cover the US, UK, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, and eight provinces of mainland China and multiple core nodes in these regions. The OTNs will connect to various carrier networks around the world and expand with the development of services.

China Telecom used to deploy international private lines based on an SDH+WDM solution. In this solution, SDH was used at the access layer, while large-capacity WDM was used at the aggregation and backbone layers. However, SDH, which provides limited access, switching, and line capacities, has become inadequate in face of the rapid expansion of large-granularity private line services. Scheduling of large-granularity services, if based on SDH, is technically complex and causes high costs. In this project, China Telecom adopts the innovative OTN+WDM solution, in which OTN, instead of SDH, is used for service access and scheduling. OTN features high access capacities and flexible scheduling of large-granularity services, simplifying the scheduling of large-granularity services and standing as an inspiring case for the industry.

To build world-leading WDM lines and support future service development, China Telecom has set high standards for partner selection. It demanded that the potential ICT solutions provider should provide large-capacity OTN devices and boast global supply and delivery systems, mature applications and experience, and long-term network evolution capability. Its final selection of Huawei as its partner indicates China Telecom’s trust in Huawei’s strong abilities in the optical network field.

As of July 2013, Huawei’s 100G network has been serving 100 customers worldwide. By building information networks as wide as the Pacific Ocean, Huawei delivers high-speed connectivity anywhere to enrich people’s lives.

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