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Press Release -- June 17th, 2013
Source: Verizon

How “Smart” Technologies Can Keep us Safer on the Road

Insurance companies leverage technology to learn how you drive.

Today’s “smart” technologies – such as smart phones which offer texting, e-mail and Web access — have put information at our fingertips and made us savvier consumers, yet these disruptive technologies have also altered human behavior, making us more distracted and less focused in our everyday lives. Alarmingly, this applies to our time on the road as well which sometimes is not without grave consequence.

In response to what experts are calling a distracted driving epidemic and fueled by advances in technology, solutions providers have been working closely with the insurance industry to develop solutions which reward good driving behavior and provide unsafe practices alerts. One such solution – usage-based insurance – leverages Telematics, a machine-to-machine technology which transmits information such as driver behavior, engine diagnostics and vehicle location back to a driver’s insurance carrier via a wireless sensor that is installed in the car. Usage-based insurance also known as pay as you drive (PAYD) or pay how you drive (PHYD), promises lower premiums for consumers, and fewer claims for insurance companies along with increased customer satisfaction.

Verizon is at the forefront of Telematics, sensors and data collection, and has the network and platform infrastructure to align with today’s new insurance business models. For more than a decade, Verizon has been working closely with insurance companies to help them leverage technology in support of responsible driving and usage-based insurance solutions. In addition, Verizon provides a comprehensive portfolio that leverages mobile, social and big data to advance the business relationship between insurance companies and consumers. For more information, visit

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