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Press Release -- February 14th, 2013
Source: cedexis

Cedexis Announces Fusion: Making Big Data Actionable To Improve Website And Content Delivery

Portland, Oregon  February 14, 2013 Cedexis, the leading global SaaS platform for optimizing website and web application availability and performance, today announced the availability of Cedexis Fusion.  Cedexis Fusion integrates data from third-party software, hardware, and network monitoring tools, in addition to CDN and Cloud usage data, to enable a wide range of performance, availability and costs-for-performance traffic shaping.

For the first time, enterprises can make their investments in reporting and monitoring solutions actionable to improve the performance of their websites and web applications in real time.  Fusion integrates the third-party data into the Cedexis Openmix platform to load balance traffic to the most available, best performing or least costs-for-performance resources. Cedexis Fusion complements Cedexis Radar, Cedexis’ crowd-sourced real-end-user Cloud and CDN performance measurement data.  The combination of Radar and Fusion provides comprehensive visibility into Big Data metrics on all the application, server, platform and network elements that can affect real-end-users web experiences.

A wide range of pre-built integrations are available immediately, including New Relic and AppDynamics application performance monitoring software; Akamai, Level3, Edgecast and ChinaCache CDNs; SoftLayer’s server management data, and many others.

“So many systems produce volumes of Big Data, but making that data real-time actionable has been difficult or impossible. Fusion allows customers to make their monitoring investments really pay off, accessing all of their Big Data metrics, and automating the process of reacting to the data to improve website performance,” explains Greg Unrein, VP of Product Management of Cedexis.

Cedexis Fusion is more than a data aggregator. It is the point of convergence of all the real-time Big Data streams that feed our cloud-based global load balancer – Cedexis Openmix.  With Openmix, Fusion customers have a single place to define how they wish to detect and avoid Internet congestion and service disruptions to achieve 100% service availability,” Unrein concluded.

Customers wishing to further innovate may use Cedexis Fusion Custom to automate the ingestion of private data streams from any HTTP source.  Cedexis customers have created a range of applications including: green energy sensitivity, least costs routing and incorporation of private measurements they take of their own systems.  In all cases, Cedexis customers are finding ways to make real-time Big Data, real time actionable, and they are sharing these applications with the Cedexis community.

Fusion is immediately available to Cedexis customers through the Cedexis portal.

About Cedexis 

Founded in 2009 by Marty Kagan and Julien Coulon, two veterans of the web hosting and content delivery markets, Cedexis optimizes web performance across data centers, content delivery networks (CDNs) and clouds for companies that want to ensure 100% availability and extend their reach to new global markets. With Cedexis, companies can comparatively assess worldwide cloud performance and availability data to make informed vendor selection and costs-and-performance trade offs. Cedexis also provides automation for dynamically optimizing traffic across clouds, datacenters and CDNs to dynamically match the best-performing resource with local demand. Since revenue conversions and brand experience are directly tied to online performance, media, retail and consumer brand companies rely on Cedexis to ensure 100% availability, fast page loads, downloads and transactions to drive traffic and revenue at lower cost and risk. Cedexis is headquartered in Portland, Oregon and Paris, France with offices in San Francisco, California and London, UK, and sales representatives in Germany, Japan, Israel and Brazil.

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