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Press Release -- August 1st, 2012
Source: NTT Communications

NTT Com Group to Establish New Company, NTTCom Online Marketing Solutions Corporation

TOKYO, JAPAN — NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) announced today that it will consolidate its online marketing-related companies and businesses — NTTCom’s Marketing Solutions Sector, NTT NaviSpace Corporation, NTT Resonant Inc.’s Online Research Sector, and Digital Forest Inc. — to evolve with the rapidly transforming online marketing business and to meet the needs of clients going global in this era of big data. The new company will begin operations on October 1, 2012.

With the rapid spread of smartphones and social media and the enhancements in cloud technology, online marketing solutions have been changing dramatically. Customer touchpoints have become more diverse and global, and new solutions such as online-to-offline (O2O) marketing, which seamlessly connects online shops and brick-and-mortar stores to attract and keep more customers, and social CRM (Customer Relationship Management), in which enterprises engage with customers through social media to build long-term relationships, have become an integral part of marketing strategy.

Enterprises are also able to obtain more useful data than ever before, including not only purchase history, but also web access logs that show customers’ online movements and interests, social buzz that captures consumers’ voices in real time, and location data collected via smartphone GPS. The challenge for companies, however, is effectively processing and analyzing that big data into powerful marketing programs and corporate strategies.

NTT Com, NTT NaviSpace, NTT Resonant and Digital Forest have been providing a variety of ICT solutions, including O2O, social CRM, research and analytics, to accommodate the evolving online marketing environment, but by combining their skills and experience into NTTCom Online Marketing Solutions Corporation, NTT Com Group is positioning itself as an agile and versatile provider of total business solutions in the dynamic world of online marketing.

Database marketing company NTT NaviSpace, a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Com, will incorporate NTT Com’s Marketing Solutions Sector and NTT Resonant’s goo research on October 1, 2012. On the same day, NTT NaviSpace will change its trade name to NTTCom Online Marketing Solutions Corporation, and will subsequently integrate Web access analysis provider Digital Forest into its operations on January 1, 2013.

Outline of NTTCom Online Marketing Solutions Corporation

Trade name: NTTCom Online Marketing Solutions Corporation (To be changed from NTT NaviSpace Corporation on October 1, 2012)
Head office: Shinagawa, Tokyo
Capital: 1.44 billion yen
Opening of business: October 1, 2012
Shareholder: NTT Com 100%
Number of employees: Approximately 150 (Expected by March 31, 2013)
President and CEO: Yoshie Tsukamoto
Business: Providing solutions and consulting to support enterprises’ marketing activities, with global and multi-channel contact points, social CRM and big data analysis as the three pillars of its business.

About NTT Communications Corporation

NTT Communications provides consultancy, architecture, security and cloud services to optimize the information and communications technology (ICT) environments of enterprises. These offerings are backed by the company’s worldwide infrastructure, including IPv4/IPv6 Global Tier-1 IP Network, Arcstar Universal One™ VPN network reaching over 150 countries, and over 120 secure data centers. NTT Communications’ solutions leverage the global resources of NTT Group companies including Dimension Data, NTT DOCOMO and NTT DATA.

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