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Press Release -- August 21st, 2012
Source: Limelight Networks

Limelight Networks Orchestrates Brilliance in Online Media Delivery with Opscode

Limelight Video Platform Deploys Opscode Hosted Chef™ to Automate Service-Oriented Architecture, Enabling ‘One Click’ Scaling of Cloud Infrastructure and Eliminating Risk of Configuration Error

SEATTLE, Aug. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Opscode®, the leader in cloud infrastructure automation, today announced that Limelight Networks, a leading Internet platform and services company with over 1,500 customers worldwide, has deployed Opscode Hosted Chef™ to automate the service-oriented architecture (SOA) of the Limelight Video Platform. With Hosted Chef, Limelight Video Platform can scale its resources with a one button-click, enabling real-time scalability to manage changes in user demand, while simultaneously eliminating potential human error in infrastructure configuration.

“With the increasing demand for our video platform and with the large number of infrastructure components necessary to consistently deliver such a popular service at broad-scale, automation was the only way to keep pace,” said Edgardo Nazario, Group Vice President, Limelight Networks. “Hosted Chef has helped us adopt a DevOps mentality, with development and operations collaborating on application creation, testing and delivery. This, in turn, enables us to bring consistent, reliable and robust services to market in less time and at less cost.”

Limelight Video Platform delivers flexible tools to help businesses publish, manage, analyze, and monetize high-quality video on the web. From sophisticated metadata management, to real-time analytics and full support for multiple publishing models, Limelight Video Platform is a comprehensive online video service enabling users to maximize the value of their video content. To power its innovative video platform, Limelight leverages a large dynamic fleet of servers for everything from development and testing to production, ensuring the company can manage demand reliably and efficiently.

Opscode Hosted Chef™ Customer Benefits:

  • Real-time Scalability: Using Hosted Chef, Limelight Video Platform can scale its data center and hybrid cloud infrastructure resources up or down with a single command, enabling its service to stay ahead of user demand and easily manage unpredictable spikes in job requests.
  • Maximum Consistency: Hosted Chef enables Limelight Video Platform to reliably and predictably deploy infrastructure and deliver applications without the risk of human error, ensuring the highest levels of consistency in its services.
  • Time and Cost Savings: By leveraging Hosted Chef to automate its service-oriented architecture, Limelight Video Network has freed valuable human resources to focus on higher priority tasks, reducing infrastructure management costs by nearly 50%.

To ensure its unique video services could keep pace with rapidly growing demand, Limelight Video Platform needed to enable its operations and development teams to efficiently collaborate on bringing new services to market. By deploying Hosted Chef, both Limelight Video Platform’s development and operations teams can leverage Chef recipes to automate application and resource management across development, testing and production environments, accelerating productivity and reducing risk within Limelight Video Platform’s SOA.

“Limelight Video Platform helps businesses of all sizes monetize the full value of their video assets through its easy-to-use, innovative service,” said Adam Jacob, Chief Customer Officer, Opscode. “Behind the scenes, its use of Hosted Chef has eliminated the barriers to productivity within the application delivery process and accelerated time-to-market.”

About Opscode
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Lucas Welch

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