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Press Release -- November 29th, 2011
Source: Pacnet
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Pacnet Accelerates the Internet with New CDN Solution

Pacnet CDN is Asia’s most extensive CDN deployment by a telecommunications service provider utilizing its wholly-owned network and hosting infrastructure

TOKYO, 29 November 2011 – Pacnet, Asia’s leading business telecommunications service provider, today launched Pacnet CDN, its latest content delivery network (CDN) service that redefines the delivery of web content and revolutionizes the Internet experience.

“Every day, tens of millions of media-rich websites on the World Wide Web are battling for the attention of consumers around the world. To help increasingly web-enabled businesses capture and engage their audience, we have launched Pacnet CDN, a turnkey solution that utilizes our unsurpassed subsea network coverage and state-of-the-art data centers to distribute rich digital content at the speed of light and optimize applications hosted in the Cloud,” said Bill Barney, Chief Executive Officer of Pacnet.

Pacnet CDN accelerates the Internet experience by bringing digital content closer to the user. Through an extensive network of CDN Points of Presence (PoP) located across the Asia Pacific region, the service will intelligently deliver the latest content from the CDN PoP closest to the user. This will enable users to enjoy faster-loading websites, lag-free high-definition streaming media and rapid file downloads.

Pacnet CDN is unique in that it is backed by Pacnet’s growing interconnected, high-speed hosting facilities across Asia Pacific, including its Data Landing Stations, and also Pacnet’s robust subsea and IP network infrastructure. Pacnet CDN is also supported by technology from EdgeCast, a leading provider of CDN technology.

With full end-to-end control of the CDN network, Pacnet has the speed and flexibility to scale up quickly to meet the demands of customers and deliver a complete one-stop, digital content distribution solution. In addition, Pacnet’s customers benefit from increased efficiency and greater cost savings that comes with the company’s ownership and operation of the core CDN infrastructure.

Pacnet’s first CDN PoPs are in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, with additional nodes added in the coming months that will span 10 countries in the Asia Pacific region, making it the region’s most extensive CDN deployment by a telecommunications service provider on its wholly-owned network and hosting infrastructure.

Japan is the gateway for traffic between Asia and North America and is at the center of the explosive growth of digital content traversing the Pacific Ocean. It is also a key location in Pacnet’s CDN strategy as in Asia, the Japan CDN PoP is the closest PoP to the US, hence it will be the primary PoP that will accelerate the Internet experience of users in North America who are accessing content from other locations in Asia.

Pacnet’s CDN solutions are now available across all Pacnet locations worldwide, and include the following comprehensive suite of services:

  • Content Delivery Services accelerate the delivery of content, including websites, file downloads, as well as high-definition “live” and on-demand streaming video, regardless of the end-user’s location for an enhanced user experience.
  • Dynamic Content Acceleration speeds up delivery of dynamic and static content for a variety of web applications using cutting-edge optimization and acceleration technologies, which enables up to 5 times performance improvement for a faster, more stable experience for end-users.
  • Content Origin Storage leverages Pacnet’s advanced data center infrastructure to enable flexible content storage in a secure environment and on a cost-effective monthly subscription model based on the total volume of data stored.
  • Value Added Services allows users to take care of additional content delivery requirements with a number of security, management and reporting tools to protect their content and digital rights, manage their network and gain insights from end-users’ web-viewing behavior through comprehensive real-time analytics and reporting.

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About Pacnet
Pacnet is Asia’s leading independent telecommunications service provider, formed from the operational merger of Asia Netcom and Pacific Internet. Pacnet owns and operates EAC-C2C, Asia’s largest privately-owned submarine cable network at 36,800 km, with a design capacity of 17.92 Tbps to 30.72 Tbps to and from each of the landing countries, as well as EAC Pacific, which spans 9,620 km across the Pacific Ocean and delivers up to 1.92 Tbps of capacity between Asia and North America. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of industry-leading IP-based solutions for carriers, large enterprises and SMEs, and delivers unique high-speed data hosting solutions through its network of data centers which include the industry’s first Data Landing Stations. Pacnet is headquartered in Hong Kong and Singapore, with offices in all key markets in Asia and North America. For more information, please visit:

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Lorain Wong
Tel: +852 2121 2973

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