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Press Release -- October 20th, 2011
Source: XKL

XKL’s Darkstar Optical Transport System Testing Reveals Lowest Latency

In-depth testing replicates 1650km route achieving a one-way latency of 8.067 milliseconds

(SEATTLE, WA – October 20, 2011 ) XKL, LLC, a leading-edge provider of enterprise fiber optic networking equipment, announces results from in-depth long haul fiber lab testing revealing a one-way 400Gbps data transport speed of 8.067 milliseconds on test bed spanning 1650km. This latency measurement is inclusive of the fiber and DarkStar® optical transport equipment. The distance of 1650km replicates the round-trip distance between New York and Chicago. These findings show XKL’s DarkStar® optical transport systems achieving the fastest latency available.

Unlike typical fiber test beds that recirculate a loop of 100km of fiber, XKL runs its tests on the complete route distance of fiber, inclusive of equipment. As a result, XKL brings the field into its lab to evaluate fiber imperfections and simulate worst-case conditions commonly experienced in the field. The latest test results show that XKL’s DarkStar optical transport equipment and fiber latency is no more than 180 nanoseconds per in-line amplifier system and no more than 28.75 nanoseconds per optical transport system. XKL’s testing methodology highlights XKL as a true innovator in the industry and showcases the engineering efforts focused on providing the lowest latency for high demand routes.

The company’s rigorous engineering and design criterion more efficiently and effectively uses the latest technology with the fewest number of components. Unlike transport products leveraging OEO conversion for regeneration, XKL’s systems engineering approach to optical transport results in products that use all optical amplification. DarkStar products are engineered as fully integrated 1RU systems, inclusive of all required optical components.

“XKL’s product line is maximizing data throughput and optimizing fiber. By replicating a real life fiber install scenario, XKL can evaluate how equipment will react against certain conditions in the field,” states Len Bosack, CEO of XKL. “XKL has taken a variety of SMF-28 and SMF-28e fiber at different ages and in different conditions to get the most accurate portrayal of a true fiber installation.”

XKL is a leading-edge provider of enterprise fiber optic networking equipment. XKL is committed to providing robust, efficient and easy to deploy and manage equipment solutions. Customers can rely on XKL to provide equipment that fits seamlessly within their networks and simplifies fiber optic networking and transmission applications.

About XKL:

Led by CEO and Cisco Systems co-founder Len Bosack, XKL LLC develops products that epitomize the company’s mission: Bringing fundamental change to worldwide telecommunications. XKL optical transport system technologies enable enterprises with enormous and complex data transmission needs to tap into the power of the wholesale Internet. This allows XKL customers to achieve network independence, greater reliability, enhanced transmission speed and better value. The company is headquartered in Kirkland, Washington. For more information, visit

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