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Press Release -- October 26th, 2011
Source: Juniper Networks
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SUNNYVALE, Calif., Oct. 26, 2011 — Juniper Networks (NASDAQ:JNPR, news, filings), the industry leader in network innovation, today announced it is making the source code that drives its OpenFlow New Window application, built on the Junos® Software Development Kit (SDK), accessible to its SDK developers in order to expand the available toolset for enhancing network flexibility and programmability.

“Our network has to be flexible and adaptable to the requirements of our business customers, reduce complexity, foster innovation and deliver the right economics,” said Nicolas Fischbach, network strategy and architecture director at Colt Technology Services, a long-standing customer of Juniper Networks’ routing solutions. “Interaction frequency between our cloud assets and network will evolve towards software-speed. By delivering OpenFlow in its SDK, Juniper provides us with an additional tool for enabling programmability of our European information delivery platform.”

The Junos SDK allows developers to build custom applications that run on top of Juniper’s single operating system, Junos, to expand or create new functionality on Juniper Networks switching and routing solutions. The OpenFlow application works within the Junos SDK to change the control plane to create more dynamic network programmability. The new levels of programmability enabled by OpenFlow simplify control of network devices and allow more rapid innovation of intelligent applications and solutions across the entire network infrastructure.

“By making OpenFlow available in its SDK, Juniper is in a leadership position to help the development community and service providers leverage network assets and intelligence to help deliver differentiated services,” said Glen Hunt, principal analyst at Current Analysis. “The implementation of OpenFlow enables a consistent management policy across a large number of devices, which can reduce processing requirements and simplify management, while delivering the expected application performance. Juniper is helping to drive this level of programmability, which will be required to support the steep ramp in network-aware application development.”

Juniper Networks most recently demonstrated the OpenFlow protocol running on Juniper Networks® MX 3D Universal Edge Routers at the Carrier Ethernet World Congress and presented at the Open Networking Summit New Window at Stanford University. A founding member of the Open Networking Foundation New Window, Juniper Networks is scheduled to participate in the Applied OpenFlow Symposium New Window in San Jose on Wed., Oct. 26.

“Juniper is making the OpenFlow application available to an SDK developer community that includes more than five hundred organizations in order to get working code into the hands of customers so they can explore how OpenFlow and network programmability can impact networks everywhere,” said Mike Marcellin, vice president of systems strategy and marketing at Juniper Networks. “Our priority is making the networking infrastructure more efficient and effective for customers, and OpenFlow is an important step on the path to greater programmability.”

The OpenFlow application is available for Junos SDK development organizations, and will also be made available to select customers. Working with the Junos SDK is easy and free. For more information and to sign up, visit or contact

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