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Press Release -- August 10th, 2011
Source: Huawei

Huawei and Renesas Mobile Set New HSUPA Record

[Tokyo, Japan and Shenzhen, China, 10 August, 2011]: Renesas Mobile Corporation, a premier supplier of advanced cellular platforms, and Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, today announced that they have successfully made the world’s first HSPA+ call with cutting edge speeds of up to 10.4Mb/s on the uplink to the cellular base station.

This HSPA+ call marks the first time that an uplink data speed of 10.4 Mb/s was reached using an uplink configured to HSUPA cat 7, a 3GPP Release 7 feature defining a new channel configuration that supports 11 Mb/s on the uplink to the basestation. This next step in the evolution of HSPA+ capabilities also benefits operators through increased spectrum efficiency on the uplink. The call combined 16QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) – a 16 state quadrature modulation that provides higher spectral efficiency – with Huawei’s E-DPCCH (Enhanced Dedicated Physical Control Channel) boosting technology and Renesas Mobile’s advanced mobile platform.

With the relatively recent onslaught of advanced mobile devices and applications, operators and vendors are now faced with the dual pressure of an increase in uplink data traffic and customers’ growing bandwidth needs for data including sharing on social media. As a result, operators and vendors must now pay more attention to how they can effectively increase uplink data rates.

This call, the latest achievement in the long-term relationship between Renesas Mobile and Huawei, is an industry first, and it effectively reduces the pressure of growing uplink data traffic, improves the uplink data throughput, and ensures the compatibility of the network elements and mobile platforms and devices.

“The evolution of HSPA and HSPA+ continues, and Renesas Mobile is and will continue to be at the forefront of developing products that meet real consumer needs,” said Jean-Marie Rolland, Chief Technical Officer and Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing for Renesas Mobile Corporation. “Working closely with Huawei, we believe that Renesas Mobile’s solutions will work reliably across all networks, wherever they are.”

“Huawei continues to promote and develop advanced 3GPP features serving the needs of all major operators,” said Jiang Wangcheng, the president of Huawei UMTS product line. “We really appreciate Renesas Mobile’s efforts during this cooperative effort and we are confident that with the further development of device technologies, we will continue to drive additional breakthroughs in interoperability with the end goal of offering consumers an unbeatable mobile broadband experience.”

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