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Press Release -- April 12th, 2010
Source: Telecity Group
Tags: Equipment

TelecityGroup’s commitment to environmental best practice recognised by EU

First to be awarded ‘Corporate Status’ by European Commission; European data centre portfolio has applied the Code’s guidelines

TelecityGroup is the first network independent data centre provider to be awarded ‘Corporate Status’ for the EU’s Code of Conduct for Data Centres. The Group has led the industry by applying the Code’s guidelines to drive environmental best practice in its 22 established data centres across Europe.

The EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres promotes the adoption of energy efficient best practice amongst data centre owners, operators, customers and suppliers. TelecityGroup was the first network independent data centre provider to sign up to the Code as an early adopter at its launch in November 2008. Initially awarded ‘Participant Status’ for its four Amsterdam facilities, TelecityGroup was subsequently awarded ‘Corporate Adopter Status’ during 2009 in recognition that over 40 percent of its data centre footprint was compliant. The Group has now completed the audit to confirm 22 of its data centres comply with the Code’s best practices, and the audit of its recently-opened Condorcet data centre in Paris is expected in Q2 2010.

Rob Coupland, TelecityGroup COO, comments: “We are extremely proud that our data centres are recognised as compliant with the Code – this is a major achievement. Through our Energy Management Programme, everyone at TelecityGroup has worked hard to improve energy efficiency across all our facilities. Being awarded ‘Corporate Status’ is a significant reward, and demonstrates our absolute commitment to environmental best practice and ensuring our data centres are as energy efficient as possible.”

During 2009 TelecityGroup made considerable investment in maximising the energy efficiency of its facilities. One of the ways the Group has addressed this is through a significant investment programme to install energy efficient capital equipment throughout the data centres. This programme included fitting blanking panel equipment to improve air flow management, which results in less energy required for cooling. TelecityGroup has also made considerable investment in replacing and upgrading chiller equipment in its existing data centres in order to take advantage of the improved efficiencies available from new technologies.

Most notably the Group developed its new Paris data centre, Condorcet, which has been designed and built to be one of the most technically advanced and energy efficient data centres in Europe. The facility uses free cooling to reduce energy consumption, a white roof to mitigate solar gain. Waste energy from the facility is used to heat a ‘Climate Change Arboretum’ built on site, which recreates the climatic conditions expected to prevail in France in 2050.

Further information on the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres can be viewed here:

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