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Press Release -- April 23rd, 2010
Source: PAETEC
Tags: Exchange, Merger

PAETEC Sees Opportunity for FCC to Promote Broadband Competition Through CenturyLink’s Proposed Acquisition of Qwest

PAETEC sees the merger of CenturyLink and Qwest as an opportunity to promote competition
FAIRPORT, N.Y. – April 23, 2010 (Print-friendly PDF file)

PAETEC congratulates CenturyLink and Qwest on their recent merger announcement. PAETEC’s innovative and customer-centric services will continue to be an important part of the communications landscape for enterprises nationwide, including many throughout the new combined CenturyLink-Qwest territory. We look forward to working with management of the combined company to ensure robust competition and believe that the transaction provides an opportunity to establish leadership in implementing a policy platform that will ensure choice and competition for businesses throughout the multi-state region.

“The FCC’s National Broadband Plan recommendations recognize the importance of broadband competition provided by PAETEC and other carriers, including access to reasonably priced last mile facilities from incumbent local exchange carriers,” said PAETEC CEO Arunas Chesonis. “While the combination of CenturyLink and Qwest may enhance the combined company’s retail broadband capabilities, its wholesale commitments will be equally important to the end users in the states affected by the transaction.” Measures that PAETEC believes should be part of the regulatory review process of  the proposed transaction include the combined carrier’s willingness to reduce special access pricing and abandon pursuit of UNE forbearance and copper retirements, both of which harm broadband competition.

“We have been petitioning the FCC since 2007 to revisit its prior decision granting forbearance prematurely in Omaha, Nebraska, which eliminated competition in that market to the detriment of Omaha-based businesses,” said PAETEC Vice President of Public Policy, William Haas. “PAETEC believes that rectifying the Omaha decision which limited competition for businesses could be an important first step in leadership by the combined company.”

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