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Press Release -- February 16th, 2010
Source: Megapath
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COSTA MESA, CA, February 16, 2010MegaPath, Inc., the leading provider of managed IP data, voice, and security services in North America, today released tips for overcoming the challenges associated with implementing a sophisticated VoIP solution. From small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises, companies are looking for cost-effective and reliable voice and data solutions to keep them competitive. MegaPath’s checklist provides companies with key activities and criteria to consider prior to implementing a new VoIP solution.

“Implementing a VoIP solution shouldn’t be a daunting task, but it’s definitely a wise move to look before you leap,” said Paul Marra, Vice President, Voice Products, MegaPath. “Businesses of all sizes should do their homework when researching a VoIP solutions provider to ensure their investment doesn’t break the bank now, but provides enough flexibility to make upgrades later.”

MegaPath’s Checklist to a VoIP Implementation

Look for the Quality of Service seal of approval: There are many choices for service providers and price should not be the only factor in your selection. Make sure the provider can provide Quality of Service (QoS). Having MPLS capability is a good sign that the provider is committed to QoS. MPLS technology provides businesses with a high-quality, dedicated line that prioritizes voice over data traffic. Since the voice and data traffic isn’t travelling on the public Internet, performance of the solution is enhanced versus traditional VoIP.

Is it a fit?: First, you need to ask yourself, “do I want to upgrade the entire system or just the back-end infrastructure?” Regardless of the answer, when it comes to selecting a VoIP solution the equipment you choose must be compatible with your provider. If upgrading the entire system, you will want to steer clear of proprietary solutions as they can be limiting. Choosing a standards-based solution will provide the flexibility needed to add features down the road, and most importantly, will help avoid additional costs later.

Shop around: While VoIP solutions are feature rich, you should do a comprehensive comparison to make sure no functionality is lost following cut over. In comparing the offerings available, be sure to look at end-user and administrative features that include reporting requirements. Be careful not to under buy. There are plenty of VoIP solutions on the market today that provide enough flexibility that grows when a business requires more voice and data capabilities.

Test, test and test: Before switching over to a new VoIP system, it’s important to install, configure and test the solution’s features – voicemail, greetings and call routing – in a staging environment with temporary numbers. Doing so will work out all the kinks without disrupting normal business operations.

Practice makes perfect: Any change requires user training. Most providers today provide basic training and quick reference guides for employees. Before implementing a VoIP solution, set aside time to train staff before the cutover as well as post-installation.

Staff accordingly: While large enterprises will most likely have the internal resources available to implement and manage a new VoIP system, SMBs may need outside help. Organizations without the internal resources can work with a provider that can manage everything from start to finish as well as be available twenty-four hours, seven days a week should an issue arise.

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About MegaPath, Inc.
MegaPath is the leading provider of managed IP communications services in North America. MegaPath leverages its wide selection of broadband connectivity, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Voice over IP (VoIP) and security technologies to enable businesses to lower costs, increase security and enhance productivity. Businesses of all sizes can easily and securely communicate between their headquarters, branch offices, retail locations, mobile workers, and business partners. To learn more about why 20,000 companies have chosen MegaPath’s managed IP data, voice and security services to improve their business communications, visit or call 1-877-MegaPath (634-2728).

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