Press Releases for Colo Atl

November 20, 2015   

Hurricane Electric Establishes Second Point-of-Presence in Atlanta at Colo Atl

November 10, 2015   

Hurricane Electric Internet Services Continues Expansion into Canadian Telecommunications Market with New Point of Presence in Edmonton

October 14, 2015   

Hurricane Electric Extends Global IPv4 and IPv6 Network to KINX Internet Exchange in Seoul

June 10, 2015   

Hurricane Electric Continues Global Internet Leadership Role by Becoming the First Internet Backbone in the World to Connect to more than 100 Different Internet Exchanges

May 27, 2015   

Hurricane Electric Extends Global Network with Second Point of Presence in Spain at the Telvent Carrierhouse Barcelona

May 11, 2015   

Hurricane Electric Brings Global Network to Three CoreSite Locations to Meet the Growing Demand for High Speed Internet Transit in Leading Data Center Hubs

April 9, 2015   

Hurricane Electric Continues to Expand Globally, Adding Second Location in Japan

February 27, 2015   

Hurricane Electric connects to BBIX in Tokyo

February 26, 2015   

Hurricane Electric Continues Commitment to German Telecommunications Market with New Point-of-Presence in Hamburg

February 3, 2015   

Hurricane Electric Launches Second Point-of-Presence in Singapore

December 16, 2014   

Hurricane Electric Penetrates Further Into the Midwest With Two New Points of Presence at Digital Realty in Saint Louis

November 24, 2014   

Hurricane Electric Continues To Expand Global Internet Backbone Across Europe With Sixth German Point of Presence at Interxion Dusseldorf

November 5, 2014   

Hurricane Electric Expands in Northwest Europe with a New Point of Presence at Telecity Dublin Kilcarbery

October 20, 2014   

Hurricane Electric Extends Global Presence in Equinix

September 26, 2014   

Hurricane Electric Continues Network Expansion and Bolsters San Francisco Bay Internet Connectivity With Second Point of Presence at Digital 365 Main in San Francisco

August 21, 2014   

Hurricane Electric Continues to Expand Global Network with New Point of Presence at DC74 in Charlotte

August 13, 2014   

Hurricane Electric Continues Summer Network Expansion With Point of Presence at Nebraska Colocation Centers

June 10, 2014   

SummitIG Interconnects Its Dark Fiber With Hurricane Electric’s Global IP Network Services

May 12, 2014   

Hurricane Electric Extends Global Network to vXchnge’s Data Center Platform

May 5, 2014   

Hurricane Electric Continues European Expansion with New Point of Presence in France at SFR Netcenter in Marseille

January 16, 2014   

BICS Selected by Hurricane Electric for 100G Backbone Upgrade in Europe

December 18, 2013   

Hurricane Electric Expands Global Internet Backbone In Canada with New Connection to the Winnipeg Internet Exchange

November 21, 2013   

Hurricane Electric Significantly Expands Global Internet Backbone Reach in Eastern Europe with Six New Internet Exchange Connections

September 24, 2013   

Hurricane Electric Adds Midwest Location With New Point of Presence at Telx in Chicago

September 4, 2013   

Hurricane Electric Continues Summer Expansion with New Point of Presence in Budapest

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