Press Releases for Verizon

March 16, 2018   

Verizon launches TechSure to help protect your digital life

March 16, 2018   

Verizon and Colt demonstrate industry-first, two-way inter carrier SDN network orchestration

March 15, 2018   

Verizon and Colt demonstrate industry-first, two-way inter carrier SDN network orchestration

March 13, 2018   

The versatile Fitbit Versa is arriving for preorder March 14 at Verizon

March 9, 2018   

Trade in your old phone at Verizon and you can help schools get up to $4 million in tech resources

March 8, 2018   

Verizon’s Maiorana at IWCE: “Public safety deserves the best technology on the best network”

March 6, 2018   

Introducing Verizon Connect and a new era of connected vehicle solutions

March 6, 2018   

Verizon to speak at Deutsche Bank conference March 7

March 6, 2018   

/18: Verizon declares quarterly dividend

March 5, 2018   

Verizon announces tender offers for 13 series of notes

March 5, 2018   

Learn more about esports from the top women in the game

February 27, 2018   

Verizon and CONCACAF kick off exclusive multi-platform media partnership

February 27, 2018   

A new way to capture big moments and little ones, too. Meet Google Clips, now available at Verizon

February 26, 2018   

Verizon CFO to speak at Morgan Stanley conference Feb. 27

February 25, 2018   

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy S9 on Verizon – the best streaming network meets a revolutionary Infinity Display

February 22, 2018   

New Verizon study reveals many organizations prioritized business performance at the cost of mobile enterprise security

February 21, 2018   

5G takes center court

February 20, 2018   

Verizon: Technology leadership and innovation

February 16, 2018   

Verizon introduces new plan options and adds more value to prepaid offerings

February 15, 2018   

Enterprises gain network and mobile device insights with Managed Software Defined Wireless Local Area Network from Verizon

February 12, 2018   

Verizon Enterprise Solutions will create global blockchain platform services

February 12, 2018   

Another step toward mobile 5G service: Verizon, Nokia and Qualcomm complete first call using 3GPP-compliant 5G New Radio technology

February 7, 2018   

RootMetrics® ranks Verizon’s network #1 in the nation for a record ninth time in a row

February 6, 2018   

Shhh: Verizon network engineers quietly worked behind the scenes at Super Bowl LII to test the limits of 5G

February 6, 2018   

Verizon fans used record data at Super Bowl

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