Press Releases for pilot

February 14, 2018   

Pilot Deploys Telia Carrier’s IP Transit Services in the US

January 24, 2018   

GleSYS Tap Into Telia Carrier Backbone to Increase Capacity and Support Growth Plans

January 23, 2018   

Costa Rican Provider ICE Chooses Telia Carrier to Empower their Broadband Internet Access in Central America

December 13, 2017   

Telia Carrier Enhances Network in Phoenix and Adds New EdgeConneX PoP, to Support Business Growth in the Region

October 4, 2017   

DATASIX Leverages Telia Carrier’s Backbone to Increase Performance and Capacity at Its Vienna Data Centre

July 11, 2017   

EdgeConneX® and Telia Carrier Partner to Enhance Internet Accessibility and End-User Experience Globally

June 6, 2017   

Telia Carrier expands to Portland, Oregon, to meet demand for increased bandwidth and resilience in the Pacific Northwest

May 18, 2017   

Telia Carrier boosts connectivity to North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, with new PoPs in Milan

May 16, 2017   

Telia Carrier boosts connectivity to North Africa, the Middle East and Asia, with new PoPs in Milan

May 15, 2017   

Telia Carrier sweetens its European network with shorter route between Zurich and Frankfurt

April 5, 2017   

Telia Carrier launches new Internet backbone PoP in Berlin, bringing much-needed high speed, low latency connectivity to a flourishing region

April 4, 2017   

Telia Carrier adds North American network muscle with additional route from New York to Chicago

March 16, 2017   

Telia Carrier, Coriant and Facebook Collaborate on Successful Trial of Voyager on Stockholm to Hamburg Route

March 7, 2017   

Ooredoo chooses Telia Carrier for International IoT Connectivity

February 21, 2017   

Telia Carrier Establishes Two New PoPs in St. Petersburg, Russia to Bolster Its Network Backbone in the Region

December 6, 2016   

Telia Carrier expands network in Budapest to support increased demand for innovation-driven connectivity

November 7, 2016   

Telia Carrier expands global backbone to Zagreb, improves connectivity for CEE and the Balkans

November 3, 2016   

Limelight Networks Deploys Telia Carrier’s IP Transit and Wavelength Services

October 17, 2016   

Telia Carrier and 365 Data Centers bring 100G services to growing Pittsburgh tech scene

October 10, 2016   

Telia Carrier enhances LATAM connectivity providing backhaul to the OJUS Sea Cable Landing Station with resilient network options

September 14, 2016   

Telia Carrier and CoreSite Expand Relationship to Bring Customers Advanced Connectivity Solutions

September 1, 2016   

Telia Carrier prepares for new multi-terabit subsea cable systems with two PoPs in Marseilles

June 29, 2016   

Telia Carrier and Cologix Expand Partnership, Bringing 100G Services to Minneapolis

June 21, 2016   

Telia Company: Sonera Has Made an Indicative Offer for Anvia

June 7, 2016   

Telia Carrier and Ericsson sign global IoT backbone agreement

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