Press Releases for NTT Communications

December 20, 2012   

NTT Com Positioned as Leaders in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Asia/Pacific Network Service Providers’ Report

December 13, 2012   

NTT Communications Lands in Vienna to Deliver Global IP Network

December 13, 2012   

NTT Com Licensed to Launch Network Services in Vietnam

December 5, 2012   

NTT Communications connects Asia Submarine-cable Express to Hong Kong

December 5, 2012   

NTT Communications Russia Signs Partnership Agreement With Business Software Solutions Provider First Bit To Deliver 1C:Enterprise Service With Offshore Cloud Platform

November 26, 2012   

NTT Communications Group Releases 2012 CSR Report

October 17, 2012   

NTT Com Enters Myanmar Market with Branch Office

October 2, 2012   

NTT America Addresses Top Internet Trends: Rise in DDoS Attacks, Video Streaming, Over-The-Top Content

September 28, 2012   

NTT Com Enhances Managed Services for Global Security Outsourcing

September 21, 2012   

NTT Com Adds In-call Photo Sharing to “050 plus” VoIP App

September 18, 2012   

NTT to Acquire Centerstance, a Leading Consulting and Integrator Specializing in Helping Companies Identify and Move Key Business Processes to the Cloud

August 28, 2012   

NTT Communications Takes AFP into the Digital Era

August 22, 2012   

NTT Com’s Asia-Oceania Backbone Expands to 500 Gbps

August 9, 2012   

NTT Communications PoP Strong in Major Cities in Germany

August 8, 2012   

NTT Com to Launch Asia Submarine-cable Express in August

August 8, 2012   

NTT Communications Invests in New Low-Latency Route Between Europe and Hong Kong

August 7, 2012   

NTT Com’s Cloud Platform Utilized for Veeva Japan Data Center in Tokyo

August 6, 2012   

NTT Com Announces Financial Results for the Three Months Ended June 30, 2012

August 1, 2012   

NTT Com Group to Establish New Company, NTTCom Online Marketing Solutions Corporation

July 3, 2012   

NTT Communications Extends Infrastructure into Italy to Meet Growing Customer Demand

July 3, 2012   

NTT Communications Extends Infrastructure into Italy to Meet Growing Customer Demand(NTT Europe)

June 29, 2012   

NTT Com Expanding Presence in China

June 12, 2012   

NTT Com to Launch Globally Seamless Security Outsourcing – Managed Security Services

June 11, 2012   

NTT Com to Launch New Enterprise Cloud, World’s First to be Integrated with Network Virtualization

June 1, 2012   

NTT Com Adds English Support for 050 plus IP Phone App

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