Press Releases for Ericsson

February 23, 2012   

Ericsson at Mobile World Congress 2012

February 23, 2012   

Flexible charging solution puts electric cars in the fast lane

February 22, 2012   

World’s first microwave connection between LTE main and remote radio units

February 22, 2012   

Ericsson triples HSPA uplink capacity

February 22, 2012   

A group of Telco Industry leaders announce an open solution for standardised videoconference services

February 22, 2012   

Ericsson launches Telecom CRM

February 21, 2012   

Ericsson announces new m-commerce portfolio ahead of Mobile World Congress 2012

February 21, 2012   

Ericsson outlines strategy for its multimedia business

February 21, 2012   

Ericsson to acquire North American carrier grade Wi-Fi company BelAir Networks

February 16, 2012   

Japan’s eAccess to launch LTE network and expand partnership with Ericsson

February 15, 2012   

Divestment of Sony Ericsson completed

February 8, 2012   

Bouygues Telecom selects Ericsson for trio of technologies

February 3, 2012   

Swisscom and Ericsson machine-to-machine partners

February 2, 2012   

World’s first voice handover between LTE and WCDMA accomplished

January 31, 2012   

Ericsson to upgrade mobile backhaul networks in Germany and Belgium

January 30, 2012   

MTN extends managed services partnership with Ericsson

January 30, 2012   

MetroPCS selects Ericsson as primary Microwave backhaul equipment provider

January 26, 2012   

Malaysia’s U Mobile transforms its business support systems

January 25, 2012   

Ericsson reports fourth quarter and full year

January 23, 2012   

ST-Ericsson reports fourth quarter 2011 financial results

January 20, 2012   

Ericsson : Ericsson appoints Ulf Ewaldsson new CTO

January 20, 2012   

Ericsson and ZTE resolve patent license issues

January 19, 2012   

Loss in Sony Ericsson impacts Ericsson’s fourth quarter results

January 12, 2012   

Ericsson closes Telcordia acquisition

January 12, 2012   

Ericsson strengthens focus on IPR licensing

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