Press Releases for Ericsson

July 23, 2019   

Ericsson and Swisscom bring 5G indoors

July 23, 2019   

Ericsson and Telstra complete Australia’s first 5G end-to-end standalone call

July 15, 2019   

Verizon and Ericsson introduce ground breaking cloud-native technology in a live wireless core network

July 12, 2019   

Ericsson, T-Mobile, and Qualcomm data session success takes step towards delivering 5G on low-band spectrum

July 9, 2019   

TIM takes first commercial 5G steps in Italy with Ericsson

July 4, 2019   

Wireless industry digitalization 5G production at Ericsson Tallinn

July 3, 2019   

Vodafone goes live with Ericsson 5G technology in London

July 3, 2019   

Invitation to media and analyst briefings for Ericsson Q2 2019 report

June 29, 2019   

Ericsson disaster-resilient core network for Bhutan Telecom

June 28, 2019   

Telstra and Ericsson win top innovation award for NB-IoT

June 27, 2019   

DIGI | RCS & RDS and Ericsson go live with 5G mobile service in Romania

June 27, 2019   

Ericsson 5G live in Spain with Vodafone

June 27, 2019   

Ericsson and Telefónica to make 5G car manufacturing a reality for Mercedes-Benz

June 27, 2019   

Ericsson and Signify see 5G connectivity in a new light with joint indoor solution

June 26, 2019   

Ericsson and KDDI boost Japan’s network performance with AI-based optimization

June 26, 2019   

Ericsson extends global supply chain with company’s first smart factory in the U.S.

June 26, 2019   

Ekholm: “Time has proven Ericsson to be a trusted partner in China”

June 26, 2019   

Ericsson, China Telecom and MediaTek achieve 5G SA data call with commercial chipset-based terminal

June 24, 2019   

Ericsson to transform 4G user experiences for Robi, Bangladesh

June 24, 2019   

KDDI and Ericsson drive innovation with new 5G Core use cases

June 20, 2019   

Ericsson, Vodafone and e.GO launch 5G car manufacturing in Germany

June 18, 2019   

GCI selects Ericsson for 5G rollout in Alaska

June 17, 2019   

Ericsson launches enhanced 5G deployment options

June 13, 2019   

Telkomsel Indonesia to deploy Ericsson core in preparation for 5G

June 12, 2019   

Ericsson at the epicenter of Sweden’s digital future

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