Press Releases for Equinix

November 30, 2023   

New Equinix Frankfurt data center supports companies’ digital infrastructure needs while advancing energy efficiency goals

November 15, 2023   

Equinix announces JINX, Johannesburg Internet Exchange, in its new South Africa data center in Johannesburg

November 1, 2023   

Equinix Appoints Sandile Dube as Managing Director in South Africa to Accelerate African Digitalisation and Customer Growth

July 13, 2023   

Repurposing Heat for Community Use—Heat Export Project Powered by Equinix Sets Stage for Further Cooperation

June 29, 2023   

Equinix Supports Growing Demand for Cloud Services with Its Second xScale Data Center in Tokyo

June 14, 2023   

JUNE 14, 2023 Half of EMEA IT Leaders Doubt Their Digital Infrastructure Is Prepared to Accommodate Coveted AI Technology

June 13, 2023   

Equinix to Expand Digital Infrastructure Platform in Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur

May 11, 2023   

Healthcare Accessibility and Practitioner Wellbeing Addressed Across Europe

May 10, 2023   

MainOne, an Equinix Company expands global interconnection capabilities using Equinix Fabric

May 4, 2023   

Equinix Appoints Bruce Owen as Managing Director for the UK

April 17, 2023   

AMS-IX and MDXi launch a new Internet Exchange for Lagos, Nigeria

March 29, 2023   

Colt expands partnership with Equinix in Singapore and Hong Kong

March 14, 2023   

Oxford Quantum Circuits Installing Quantum Computer in Equinix IBX® Data Centre With Plans To Open Access to Businesses Globally

March 8, 2023   

Equinix to Back Five New Solar Farms

March 7, 2023   

Equinix appoints Eulalia Flo as new Managing Director for Spain

February 21, 2023   

MainOne, an Equinix Company’s MDXi Appolonia Achieves Tier III Constructed Facility certification (TCCF), Now Most Certified Data Center in Ghana

February 16, 2023   

Equinix to Build New Data Centre in Barcelona—A Growing Connectivity Hub of the Mediterranean

December 8, 2022   

Equinix to “Adjust the Thermostat” to Optimise Data Centre Energy Use

December 8, 2022   

Over Half of Businesses in Nigeria Planning to Expand Locally Despite Supply Chain, Cyber-Security, and Recruitment Challenges

November 22, 2022   

UK’s Digital Infrastructure Boosted by £179M to Meet Evolving Business and Consumer Needs

November 19, 2022   

Equinix Joins Pioneering Gaia-X Project to Speed Creation of a Sovereign European Digital Infrastructure

November 15, 2022   

NOVEMBER 15, 2022 Tech Skills Challenge Accelerated by Pace of Digital Transformation in the UK, Say IT Leaders

November 9, 2022   

Equinix and VMware to Expand Global Cloud Services Offerings

October 18, 2022   

Businesses Expanded More in the Last 5 Quarters Than in the Past 5 Years, with London Largest EMEA Digital Hub

October 12, 2022   

Equinix Expands to Indonesia with $74M Data Centre Investment

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