Press Releases for Colt Group

July 2, 2019   

Warsaw Stock Exchange becomes a Colt PrizmNet provider

June 20, 2019   

Colt and SIA awarded financial market connectivity by European Central Bank

June 12, 2019   

Colt Data Centre Services Announces Its Expansion in Frankfurt

May 30, 2019   

Colt uses ADVA technology to deliver low-latency end-to-end Ethernet security service

May 28, 2019   

Colt Data Centre Services Expands Operations in Japan With the Launch of Inzai 3 Data Centre

May 17, 2019   

Colt Technology Services Joins phoenixNAP’s Global Carrier Network

May 16, 2019   

Colt to connect to Oracle FastConnect in Japan; as Oracle furthers its footprint in Asia

May 7, 2019   

Colt expands On Demand SDN to more regions globally; adding high bandwidth solution options

May 1, 2019   

Colt Technology Services appoints new EVP HR

April 17, 2019   

Colt simplifies delivery of 5G backhaul services with Cisco

April 5, 2019   

Colt Data Centre Services Acquires New Site in Osaka

February 14, 2019   

Colt provides the Colt Encryption Services to Berlinale 2019

February 7, 2019   

Colt appoints Head of Mobile Connectivity Solutions

January 31, 2019   

Colt launches Private Wave offering in Asia

January 24, 2019   

Colt expands IQ Network to Australia

January 17, 2019   

Colt launches SIP trunking services in Hong Kong and Singapore

January 11, 2019   

Colt launches Intelligent Communications proposition with Microsoft

January 10, 2019   

Colt launches Intelligent Communications proposition with Microsoft

December 4, 2018   

Colt to expand IQ Network in Central and Eastern Europe

November 15, 2018   

Colt to provide IT solutions to cryptocurrency exchange service operator BITPoint Japan

October 30, 2018   

Colt announces expanded cloud offerings with Oracle FastConnect

October 23, 2018   

GLF demonstrates how blockchain can transform inter-carrier settlement

October 18, 2018   

Colt and Zeetta Networks unveil ground-breaking blockchain solution

October 11, 2018   

Colt announces the deployment of additional fibre in Berlin

October 5, 2018   

Colt to deploy additional fibre in the city of Dublin; expanding its IQ Network

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