Press Releases for Consolidated Communications

July 9, 2024   

Fidium Fiber Awarded CNET’s Best Internet Providers of 2024

July 1, 2024   

Future is now in Bar Harbor, as Fidium Fiber connects community

May 9, 2024   

Consolidated Communications Recognized as Top 10 National Provider with Fastest Real-World Speeds from BroadbandNow

April 25, 2024   

The future has arrived for Berlin as Fidium’s new fiber network connects community

February 15, 2024   

Consolidated Communications named a U.S. Best-in-Class Employer by Gallagher

January 25, 2024   

Proactive data security steps help consumers take control of their personal information

December 6, 2023   

Fidium Fiber doubles access in Pennsylvania in 2023, now serving more than 28,000 homes and businesses

June 22, 2023   

One third of Mainers now have access to gigabit-speed internet accessible homes, thanks to Fidium

June 22, 2023   

Fidium adds 10,000-plus new fiber internet locations in Vermont; more than 114,000 Vermonters will have multi-gig access by year’s end

April 13, 2023   

Consolidated Communications Announces Receipt of “Take Private” Proposal from Searchlight Capital and British Columbia Investment Management

February 27, 2023   

Consolidated Communications Wins Nearly $17 Million to Expand Fiber Internet in Maine

February 22, 2023   

Consolidated Communications Awarded $40 Million in Grants to Aid in Building Fiber to 57,000 Homes in New Hampshire

July 19, 2022   

Get Ready for 2 Gig-speeds from Fidium Fiber in Bangor, Maine

July 14, 2022   

Concord, New Hampshire, Get Ready for 2 Gig-speeds from Fidium Fiber

June 27, 2022   

Double the Speed! Consolidated Communications’ Fidium Now Delivering Symmetrical 2 Gig Speeds Across All-Fiber Network

February 28, 2022   

Consolidated Communications to Deliver Fidium Fiber Internet to 22,000 Rural Maine Homes and Businesses through Connect Maine Partnership

January 18, 2022   

Fidium Fiber, Customer-Centered Internet Experience, Now Available to 55,000 Homes in Manchester, Milford and Nashua

November 15, 2021   

Consolidated Communications Launching Fidium Fiber Gigabit Consumer Broadband Service with Reimagined Customer Experience

October 5, 2021   

New Gig-Speed Fiber Internet Available to 6,500 Southwestern Pennsylvania Homes and Businesses from Consolidated Communications

July 29, 2021   

Consolidated Communications Delivers Gigabit Internet to 122,000 Homes and Small Businesses in First Half of 2021

January 12, 2021   

Consolidated Communications’ Award-Winning ProConnect Enables Transportation Logistics Company to Quickly Adopt Remote Work During Pandemic

December 17, 2020   

Consolidated Communications Completes Broadband Network Upgrades in Four New Hampshire Towns

December 8, 2020   

Consolidated Communications Announces Plan to Accelerate Transformational Fiber Builds by Enabling 1 Gig Speeds to an Additional 300,000 Homes and Businesses in 2021

December 1, 2020   

Michael Skrivan Named to Universal Service Administrative Company Board of Directors

November 30, 2020   

Consolidated Communications Reinforces Commitment to Communities with Launch of New Educational Grant Program

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