Press Releases for ADTRAN

December 5, 2023   

Adtran’s Mosaic One simplifies network operations for over 300 new customers

November 14, 2023   

Adtran integrates Intel NetSec Accelerator Reference Design with Ensemble Cloudlet to enable edge cluster nodes and deliver edge cloud performance

November 9, 2023   

Adtran opens new Terafactory in Germany to address supply chain security

October 26, 2023   

Adtran launches Satellite Time and Location solution for enhanced GNSS resilience

October 24, 2023   

Adtran launches Wi-Fi 6, 6E and 7 mesh routers for optimized in-home connectivity

October 20, 2023   

Deutsche Bahn brings 5G timing to German railways to meet new FRMCS standards with Adtran Oscilloquartz timing solution

October 17, 2023   

Kyndryl partners with Adtran to deliver secure, managed multi-cloud services

October 12, 2023   

Sertex Broadband Solutions leverages Adtran Mosaic One to bring high-speed fiber connectivity to Block Island

October 10, 2023   

CSquared delivers high-speed connectivity to Togo with Adtran open optical solution

October 3, 2023   

Adtran and Orange demo 400G transmission of QKD-secured data across 184km end-to-end system

October 2, 2023   

Adtran brings advanced integration to OIF 400ZR+ demo at ECOC 2023

September 29, 2023   

OCP-TAP approves Adtran’s OSA 5400 TimeCard™ for precise, resilient data center timing

September 26, 2023   

Clio Fiber brings high-speed broadband to southern Italy with disaggregated Adtran solution

September 19, 2023   

TCT brings full-fiber broadband to rural Wyoming with Adtran Mosaic One

September 12, 2023   

Adtran extends SDX family of OLTs to tackle low-density FTTH deployments

September 7, 2023   

Adtran integrates flexiWAN into Ensemble SmartWAN for affordable, high-performance enterprise networking

September 7, 2023   

Adtran’s Oscilloquartz optical cesium clock outperforms in tests at leading European metrology institute

August 21, 2023   

Adtran expands Mosaic One subscriber solutions with Intellifi® for next-generation in-home Wi-Fi

January 25, 2023   

Adtran accelerates broadband rollouts with market’s most scalable fiber access platform

November 17, 2022   

PPC Lights Up Fiber Broadband Connectivity in Greece with Adtran

October 11, 2022   

Adtran’s End-to-End Fiber Broadband Solution Empowers Volt Broadband to Connect Rural Louisiana

September 28, 2022   

Adtran and Fiber Homes Advance Service Providers’ Prospecting Capabilities

September 22, 2022   

Fiber Access Solutions

September 13, 2022   

RDOF Amazing Gigabit Communities

September 13, 2022   

Poland Altnet

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