Press Releases for Telecom Italia Sparkle

May 14, 2019   

Alessandro Pansa appointed new Chairman of TI Sparkle S.p.A.

April 15, 2019   

Sparkle to Invest on the Deployment of BlueMed

April 12, 2019   

Sparkle to Invest on the Deployment of BlueMed: the First Submarine Cable Connecting Palermo with Genoa up to Milan

March 15, 2019   

Sparkle Expands Its Reach in Colombia with a New Point of Presence in Bogotá

March 13, 2019   

Sparkle Expands Its Reach in Colombia with a New Point of Presence in Bogotá

March 1, 2019   

Mario Di Mauro appointed Chief Executive Officer of Sparkle

January 28, 2019   

Sparkle Expands Its Reach in South America with a New Point of Presence in Colombia

November 20, 2018   

Sparkle Extends Its Tier-1 Global IP Network to El Paso, Texas, at MDC Data Center

October 24, 2018   

Sparkle and Amartus Team Up for Multi-Vendor LSO Orchestrated SD-WAN, with Container-Based uCPE Proof of Concept at MEF18

September 26, 2018   

SAEx to Cooperate with Sparkle to Expand Its Reach from South Africa to USA

September 18, 2018   

Sparkle Widens Its IP Backbone in Asia with a New PoP in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

September 18, 2018   

Sparkle Strengthens Its Asian Hub with a New Multi-Service PoP in Singapore

July 26, 2018   

Sparkle commits on environmental sustainability introducing Lithium-ion UPS technology in its Istanbul Data Center

July 19, 2018   

Sparkle Partners with Enimbos to Provide Cloud Solutions and Professional Services to GÉANT in Spain

July 6, 2018   

Tunisie Telecom Selects Sparkle to Activate its First 100 Gbps IP Transit Connectivity Port

May 31, 2018   

Sparkle widens its IP backbone in USA with a new PoP in McAllen, Texas

March 29, 2018   

Sparkle strengthens its portfolio at NaMex Data Center in Rome

March 29, 2018   

Sparkle boosts its IP presence in Europe with a new POP in Amsterdam

March 19, 2018   

Sparkle launches Signalling Protection Suite in partnership with Positive Technologies

February 2, 2018   

Sparkle announces a strategic partnership on IP and Virtual NAP Services with France-IX, the premier Internet Peering Service Provider in France

January 15, 2018   

Sparkle and Aldea launch new Global Media Services

November 28, 2017   

Sparkle launches Voice & SMS Express, the new generation Voice & SMS global platform

November 22, 2017   

Sparkle extends its Virtual NAP solution to Istanbul in partnership with De-CIX, the world’s leading operator of Internet Exchange Platforms

October 24, 2017   

Sparkle and GO upgrade Italy-Malta bilateral cable introducing 100 GB transmission technology

September 26, 2017   

Sparkle launches a new SMS Management Solution to meet growing demand for IoT-Related SMS Services

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