Press Releases for tarana

May 24, 2023   

Sky Fiber Delivers High-Speed Internet to Lake Tahoe and 25 Nevada Towns with Tarana ngFWA

April 17, 2023   

Achieving US Digital Divide Goals with 100% Fiber Would Require ~5x the Available Funds

February 23, 2023   

MetaLINK Chooses Tarana’s ngFWA Broadband Solution to Bring Upgraded, High-Speed Internet to Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana

February 14, 2023   

Switchcom Distribution and Tarana Announce Partnership to Expand Next-Generation Fixed Wireless in South Africa

October 26, 2022   

Technology Distributor WAV and Its Affiliates Announce Distribution Agreement with Tarana

September 29, 2022   

TDL-Gentek Brings Tarana’s G1 Next Generation Fixed Wireless Platform to Canada

September 27, 2022   

Tarana Announces G1x2 Wireless, Showcasing High-Performance Broadband with Unprecedented Economics and Speed

September 8, 2022   

Redzone Wireless Narrows the Digital Divide in Rural Maine, Launches Tarana G1 Network in Litchfield

June 14, 2022   

Alyrica Networks Wins Funding to Bring High-Speed Wireless Internet to Oregon’s Rural Polk County with Tarana’s G1 Platform

March 28, 2022   

Tarana Wireless Raises $170M, Leads New Approach to Fiber-Class Broadband

March 15, 2022   

Resound Networks Launches Large-Scale Tarana-Powered Expansion in SE Texas

February 9, 2022   

XCIEN and Tarana Expand Next-Generation FWA Footprint into Mexico

December 21, 2021   

Smart Way Communications and Tarana Bring Healthy Broadband Competition to Ohio

November 1, 2021   

Tarana Expands Global Partner Program with CTIconnect in North America

October 27, 2021   

Redzone Completes Breakthrough Wireless Broadband Pilot in Midcoast Maine

October 4, 2021   

Tarana’s G1 to Accelerate RTA’s gigFAST INTERNET™ Service Growth

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