Press Releases for CoreSite

August 16, 2017   

Mammoth Networks Joins the CoreSite Open Cloud Exchange to Provide Its Customers Direct Connectivity to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute

June 30, 2015   

Mammoth Selected Provider of the Year in Colorado

April 14, 2015   

Industry Spotlight on Mammoth

May 12, 2014   

Mammoth Networks Significantly Expands Reach With Latest NNI Agreements

April 28, 2014   

Mammoth Networks Responds to Customer Demand with Expansion to Dallas

October 15, 2013   

StrataCore Earns Mammoth’s First Golden Tusk Award

October 13, 2013   

Mammoth Connects to Wave, Tackles Pacific Northwest

July 24, 2013   

Mammoth Rolls out Three More Network Points

April 24, 2013   

Mammoth is the Lead Sponsor of Denver Metro Connect

April 24, 2013   

Mammoth Establishes PoP with Phoenix NAP

April 11, 2013   

Mammoth Establishes PoP with Phoenix NAP

August 24, 2012   

Mammoth Completes 10Gbps upgrade

September 15, 2011   

Mammoth Helps Wecom Inc. Delivers Huge Pipes

July 12, 2011   

Mammoth Expands Ethernet Aggregation, Adds to Board

May 12, 2011   


April 12, 2011   

Mammoth Exhibits at IP Possibilities

February 24, 2011   

Mammoth Networks Announces Ethernet Aggregation

February 18, 2011   

Mammoth Sponsors Colorado Metro Connect

February 7, 2011   

Mammoth Teams with InfoStructure, Expands Oregon Presence

January 6, 2011   

Mammoth Networks Reports Extensive Organizational Growth in 2010; Forecasts Continued Expansion in 2011

January 3, 2011   

Mammoth QoS Rolled Out for Voice Providers

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