Press Releases for IPC Systems

September 22, 2015   

IPC Expands Market Data Coverage by Adding Activ Financial to its Rapidly Growing Financial Ecosystem

September 10, 2015   

IPC and Etrali Announce Potential Combination

August 26, 2015   

IPC Announces Appointment of New Directors to Board

August 5, 2015   

IPC Acquires ASPone Networks

July 22, 2015   

OTR Global Selects IPC’s Enhanced Voice Services, Trader Voice and Connexus to Gain Better BCP, Plus Simplicity and Savings

July 17, 2015   

IPC Again Honored with “Best Trading Floor Communications System Provider” Award in Waters Rankings

July 15, 2015   

IPC Accelerates Global Expansion by Enhancing Network Capabilities in Key European Markets

June 25, 2015   

IPC Financial Markets Network Aggressively Expands Presence in the Chicagoland Market

June 22, 2015   

IPC Thought Leader Joins Panel Discussion at FISD General Meeting 2015

June 17, 2015   

IPC Thought Leader to Present at Buy Side Conversations 2015

May 19, 2015   

IPC and JPX Collaborate to Enhance Global Participation

May 6, 2015   

IPC Launches Self-Provisioning Online Tool for Trader Voice Services in EMEA

April 22, 2015   

Sell-Side Technology Again Names IPC Trading Platform “Best Sell-Side Trading Communication System”

April 21, 2015   

IPC Thought Leader to Present at DerivOps North America 2015

February 11, 2015   

IPC and Nectar Collaborate to Deliver Advanced Monitoring Services

February 9, 2015   

Centerbridge Partners Completes Its Acquisition of IPC Systems

February 4, 2015   

SMBC – Singapore Installs IPC’s Unigy

January 26, 2015   

Major Market Participants Help Propel Growth of IPC’s Enhanced Voice Connectivity Services

January 23, 2015   

IPC Thought Leader to Present at TradeTech FX 2015

December 2, 2014   

IPC Systems to be Acquired by Centerbridge Partners

December 1, 2014   

IPC Systems to be Acquired by Centerbridge Partners

October 19, 2014   

IPC Systems Inc., announces strategic partnership with Velocis Systems in India

June 8, 2014   

IPC’s Rapidly Growing Financial Market Network Empowers Market Participants to Seize Opportunities

April 14, 2014   

IPC and TeleWare Group Join Forces to Provide Mobile Call Compliance Solution across North America and the United Kingdom

November 21, 2013   

TeraExchange Links with IPC’s Connexus Financial Extranet

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