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July 24, 2024   

Fiber Connect 2024 Attendees Earn Continuing Education Credits

July 15, 2024   

More than 180 Industry Experts Share Their Insight into “Accelerating Our Fiber Future” in Pre-Conference Workshops and Breakout Sessions at Fiber Broadband Association’s Fiber Connect 2024

July 10, 2024   

Fiber Connect 2024 Proof of Concepts to Demonstrate Fiber Broadband’s Ability to Advance Connectivity, Subscriber Experience

June 27, 2024   

Central Maine Community College Chooses Fiber Broadband Association’s OpTIC Path™ to Overcome Fiber Broadband Workforce Shortage

June 17, 2024   

Fiber Broadband Association Announces Fiber Forward 2024 AMPLIFY Award Finalists

May 30, 2024   

Fiber Broadband Association Research Underscores Benefits of Retiring Copper for Future-Proof Fiber

May 6, 2024   

Fiber Broadband Association Brings Fiber to Capitol Hill

April 16, 2024   

Fiber Broadband Association Launches Fiber Forward AMPLIFY Awards

March 18, 2024   

Fiber Has No Known Expiration Date According to Fiber Broadband Association Latest Research

February 29, 2024   

Fiber Broadband Association Opens Call for Proof of Concept Demonstrations at Fiber Connect 2024

February 27, 2024   

“Trusted Fiber” White Paper Released by The Fiber Broadband Association to Help Protect Our Nation’s Critical Broadband Infrastructure

February 4, 2024   

NTCA, Fiber Broadband Association, ACA Connects Encourage NTIA to Retain Congressional Priority for Fiber Projects in BEAD Proposals

January 22, 2024   

Fiber Broadband Association Study Reveals Detailed Fiber Broadband Deployment Costs

January 16, 2024   

Fiber Broadband Association Opens Fiber Connect 2024 Call for Speakers

December 13, 2023   

Fiber Broadband Association Elects 2024 Board of Directors

December 11, 2023   

Fiber Broadband Association Reports North America Hit Highest Annual FTTH Growth Record

November 29, 2023   

Job Corps Selects Fiber Broadband Association’s OpTIC Path™ Technician Training Program

November 29, 2023   

RAD Joins Fiber Broadband Association

November 16, 2023   

Employers Gain Direct Connection to Skilled Fiber Broadband Association OpTIC Path™ Graduates with Learning Alliance Talent Link

November 8, 2023   

Fiber Broadband Association and NTCA Release Complete Broadband Infrastructure Playbook 3.0 Ahead of BEAD Initial Proposal Deadline

November 6, 2023   

Fiber Broadband Association Awards James Salter for Leadership in Advancing FTTH

October 27, 2023   

Fiber Broadband Association’s Regional Fiber Connect Workshops to Reach New U.S. Cities in 2024

September 12, 2023   

Fiber Broadband Association Lends Workforce Development Expertise to N.C. Broadband Workforce Plan Advisory Committee

August 22, 2023   

Fiber Broadband Association President and CEO Gary Bolton Awarded the 2023 Chairman’s Award for Dedication to Advancing Fiber Broadband Industry

August 21, 2023   

Fiber is Preferred by Nearly Two-Thirds of U.S. Consumers According to New Fiber Broadband Association Research

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