Press Releases for enea

April 25, 2024   

Zain KSA and Enea announce world-first next-generation signaling overlay security technology innovation

April 15, 2024   

Upcoming EU Telecoms Legislation Set to Redefine “DNA” of Telecoms

March 19, 2024   

Enea appoints Osvaldo Aldao Chief Product and Technology Officer

February 6, 2024   

Orange Builds Next Generation Data Access with Enea

January 23, 2024   

One year after Makiivka: Enea details methods to track mobile devices in modern warfare

November 13, 2023   

Enea Evolves Mobile Network Security Portfolio to Improve Resilience Amid Growing Threats

October 10, 2023   

Enea Marks 40-Year Anniversary of Receiving Sweden’s First E-mail

October 5, 2023   

Enea Report Reveals Majority of Cybersecurity Professionals Believe Offensive AI Will Outpace Defensive AI

September 14, 2023   

Enea Qosmos Threat Detection SDK Launched to Boost the Performance of Network-Based Cybersecurity

April 24, 2023   

Enea: ‘Fair Share’ for Mobile Video Sparks Debate

February 27, 2023   

Enea is among the first Network Functions Vendor to join Microsoft Azure Operator Nexus Ready Program

February 14, 2023   

Exium and Enea Unleash True SASE with the World’s Only Pureplay 5G Overlay

September 30, 2022   

Enea signs contract for 5G traffic management worth CAD 4.4 million

July 7, 2022   

Enea launches dual-mode engine for faster and easier 5G service deployment

March 21, 2022   

Enea Provided Batelco with Seamless Wi-Fi Connectivity at the Bahrain Grand Prix

March 1, 2022   

Enea Unveils Industry’s First “Smart IP” Functionality Simplifying 5G Load Balancing

February 28, 2022   

3 Scandinavia Expands 5G Footprint with Enea’s Policy Control Technology

November 1, 2021   

Enea Signs Traffic Classification Contract worth USD 3.1 Million

October 5, 2021   

Enea’s Virtualized 5G Core Solutions Cut Hardware Total Cost of Ownership by Up To 50 Percent

September 30, 2021   

Enea Launches Industry’s First User-Based Congestion Management, Boosting RAN by 15%

July 19, 2021   


May 17, 2021   

Enea Joins Telenor in World’s Most Diverse Multi-Vendor 5G SA Core Solution

December 2, 2020   

Enea and MATRIXX Partner on 5G Core to Accelerate Monetization

November 4, 2020   

Enea Creates Industry’s First 5G Standalone 3GPP Release 16 Interface for Tier 1 Operator

July 14, 2020   

Enea Openwave Enables Superior Video Experience for Mobile Operator in Ireland

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