Press Releases for cityfibre

June 23, 2016   

CityFibre agrees Master Services Agreement with Level 3

April 25, 2016   

CityFibre transforms Leeds and Bradford into Gigabit Cities

April 6, 2016   

SSE Enterprise Telecoms becomes first new customer on long distance network

April 5, 2016   

New partners commit 350 sites on CityFibre’s national network assets

March 17, 2016   

Southend joins growing ranks of Gigabit City projects

March 9, 2016   

CityFibre forms infrastructure partnership with Updata

January 14, 2016   

Bristol to become the UK’s next Gigabit City

December 14, 2015   

CityFibre acquires KCOM’s national network assets for £90m facilitated by £180m fundraising

November 30, 2015   

Glasgow becomes Scotland’s third Gigabit City

October 20, 2015   

CityFibre offers businesses free connections to replace Government’s Connection Voucher scheme

September 14, 2015   

New ‘Infrastructure Investors Group’ champions investment & competition in UK digital infrastructure

September 8, 2015   

Edinburgh’s Gigabit City revolution accelerated with a 100km fibre network extension for City Council

July 29, 2015   

CityFibre lights four, Gigabit connections to huge Peterborough gaming event

July 16, 2015   

New service providers launch services over the Aberdeen CORE

June 18, 2015   

Kirklees’ Gigabit Fibre Network Well Underway

March 19, 2015   


March 3, 2015   

Edinburgh Joins the Gigabit Revolution

February 5, 2015   

CityFibre Signs with Logicalis for PSN connectivity solutions in Wales

November 13, 2014   

CityFibre Signs ‘Dark Fibre’ Deals with EE and Three to Enhance Mobile Networks

November 5, 2014   

Gigabit Internet Speeds To Revolutionise Business in Kirklees

September 3, 2014   

CityFibre transforms Aberdeen into Scotland’s first Gigabit City

April 15, 2014   

Sky and TalkTalk partner with CityFibre to Launch Ultra-Fast Broadband

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