Press Releases for archtop-fiber

July 9, 2024   

Archtop Fiber Begins Construction on Future-Forward Fiber Network in Pittsfield / Berkshires, Massachusetts

June 5, 2024   

Archtop Fiber Breaks Ground in Hudson, New York, as Work on State-of-the-Art Fiber Network Accelerates

May 7, 2024   

Full Speed Ahead: Archtop Fiber Accelerates Construction in Rhinebeck, New York

March 5, 2024   

Come and Get It, Kingston! Archtop’s 100%-Fiber Internet Service is Ready for Purchase

January 3, 2024   

Archtop Fiber Completes Acquisition of Warwick Valley Telephone, Kicks Off Massive Network Upgrade to Deliver Ultra-Fast Fiber Internet to the Area

October 2, 2023   

Archtop Fiber Closes Acquisition of New York-Based Hancock Telephone Company

September 5, 2023   

Archtop Fiber Closes Acquisition of New York-Based GTel

May 23, 2023   

Archtop Fiber to Acquire Warwick Valley Telephone Co.

April 3, 2023   

Archtop Fiber Makes Noise With Recruitment of New Senior Leaders, Boosting Fiber Network Rollout

March 16, 2023   

Archtop Fiber’s Leadership Team Hits the Ground Running, Speeding Up the Tempo of Its Fiber Broadband Rollout

January 5, 2023   

Archtop Fiber to Acquire Hancock Telephone Company

November 30, 2022   

Post Road Group’s Significant Investment in Archtop Fiber Accelerates the Delivery of World-Class Broadband Internet to New York’s Hudson Valley

November 17, 2022   

Archtop Fiber to Acquire New York-Based GTel

October 28, 2022   

Archtop Fiber and the Town/Village of Saugerties Announce Partnership to Meet Growing Demand for a World-Class Broadband Network

August 17, 2022   

Getting the Band Back Together: Industry Visionaries Form Archtop Fiber to Address Broadband Disparity Across the Northeast

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