Press Releases for AMS-IX

September 6, 2018   

Konstantinos Prantzos appointed as AMS-IX NOC manager

August 10, 2018   

To roam or not to roam

July 8, 2018   

Google Global Cache nodes upgraded to accommodate future growth

June 4, 2018   

AMS-IX will decommission New York

April 18, 2018   

ISO 27001 certification: demonstrating our lead in information security

April 16, 2018   

Partner in the spotlight: EvoSwitch News-item-image_evoswitch

April 12, 2018   

AMS-IX launches “EasyAccess”, bringing connectivity closer to customers in the Netherlands News-item-image_easyaccess

March 21, 2018   

Community talk: In the end the internet will be a better place

March 9, 2018   

Vlog: Protecting vital infrastructures against DDOS attacks

March 1, 2018   

AMS-IX to set up Point-of-Presence in GPX’s Mumbai Data Centre

February 28, 2018   

Een simpele en stevige oplossing om vitale diensten te beschermen tegen DDoS-aanvallen

February 22, 2018   

Stepping up the game in Amsterdam: Doubling the backbone capacity in only 4 hours

February 22, 2018   

Partner in the spotlight: Epsilon

February 2, 2018   

Peter van Burgel appointed as CEO of AMS-IX

December 20, 2017   

Partner in the spotlight: IX Reach

December 18, 2017   

Consecutive price reduction of AMS-IX peering services

December 12, 2017   

AMS-IX Chicago: From 10 to 70 Gbps peak traffic in one and a half years

August 9, 2017   

Dedicated 100Gbps ports are now available at AMS-IX Hong Kong to cope with increasing Internet traffic

June 28, 2017   

AMS-IX U.S. expands their footprint with connectivity of 130 PacketFabric locations

April 18, 2017   

Yearly customers and members survey results are in: AMS-IX scores an 8.4!

April 10, 2017   

The Datacenter Group Amsterdam to become new AMS-IX location

April 10, 2017   

The Datacenter Group Amsterdam wordt nieuwe locatie voor AMS-IX

March 23, 2017   

Digital Realty’s Amsterdam Data Tower wordt 13e POP voor AMS-IX in Amsterdam

March 22, 2017   

AMS-IX’s 13th Point of Presence in Metro Amsterdam

March 22, 2017   

AMS-IX kiest nieuwe generatie switch-hardware

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