Press Releases for AMS-IX

October 19, 2021   

Expanding collaborations with HGC in the US

October 6, 2021   

Increase in DDoS-attacks on small ISPs

July 13, 2021   

AMS-IX expands its Data Centre footprint with two new PoPs outside the Amsterdam metro

July 13, 2021   

AMS-IX expands its data centre footprint with two new PoPs outside the Amsterdam metro

July 2, 2021   

Petra Wensing re-elected in GPF Board

May 27, 2021   

The Annual Report 2020 is live!

May 18, 2021   

Alibaba Cloud connected to AMS-IX Hong Kong

May 3, 2021   

20-fold data traffic growth for Manama-IX

April 14, 2021   

Research organisations and commercial parties start work on developing the new Amsterdam Data Exchange

April 8, 2021   

New 10 Tbit/s peak traffic record for AMS-IX

March 23, 2021   

Four new Internet Exchanges in India

March 22, 2021   

AMS-IX and Sify to open four new Internet Exchanges in India

March 17, 2021   

Dutch digital trade organisations launch “Digitaal is de Toekomst”

March 3, 2021   

NetIX upgrades its AMS-IX port to 100G

February 9, 2021   

Welcome to Ruben van den Brink, AMS-IX new CTO

January 27, 2021   

2020 in numbers: Over 35% growth in internet data volume

January 26, 2021   

Over 35% growth of internet data volume in 2020 for AMS-IX

December 11, 2020   

New linear price reductions for 100GE ports and new promotions for 2021

November 20, 2020   

Telecom Egypt and AMS-IX sign a strategic partnership to build an internet exchange (EG-IX) in Cairo, Egypt

November 2, 2020   

AMS-IX breaks through 9 Tbps barrier

October 1, 2020   

KevlinX partners with AMS-IX to deploy Internet Exchange in Brussels, Belgium

August 20, 2020   

Highlights of the joint Euro-IX and AMS-IX webinar “Is the Internet broken?”

July 24, 2020   

New AMS-IX EasyAccess Summer promotion

April 1, 2020   

AMS-IX breaks through 8 Tbps barrier

March 26, 2020   

17% traffic increase on the AMS-IX platform due to Corona/ COVID-19 crisis

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