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Press Release -- May 14th, 2024
Source: smartcic

SmartCIC Technologies Launches an Innovation Hub in Barcelona to Develop Cellular Performance and AI Technologies for MNOs and Enterprises

SmartCIC has grown its team by 106% this year to date and the innovation hub gives the team a space to develop and deliver disruptive hardware and software-based solutions

Barcelona, Spain, 14 May 2024 SmartCIC Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of SmartCIC Global Services, has launched an innovation hub in Barcelona to accelerate its development of cellular performance monitoring technologies. It will provide a space that brings together researchers, creators and innovators to nurture ideas around cellular performance and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies into industry-changing services.

SmartCIC Technologies combines precision-performance testing with artificial intelligence to optimise and accelerate innovation in cellular networking. Its intelligence enables Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and enterprises to gain insights into local network performance across the globe. The data captured empowers enterprises to increase agility in their mobile solutions while enabling service providers to optimise performance and monetise 5G investments.

“Over the past 12 months, we’ve been ramping up the growth of our team. Now, we’re bringing them together in a creative space to challenge each other and create the solutions of the future. Our new knowledge-sharing space will help to develop solutions which benefit the entire ecosystem,” said Toby Forman, CEO at SmartCIC Technologies. “We chose Barcelona due to its geographical opportunities for expansion and amazing resources for talent. In addition to full time talent acquisition, we will also be looking to utilise interns from local, technical universities with a view to convert them into full-time roles. We’ve already built a foundation for innovation in Spain with SmartCIC Global Services, and we’re excited to take this next step with SmartCIC Technologies.”

The project is specifically designed to answer the biggest questions in the market around enabling innovation, monetisation and profitability in cellular networks. Its cellular intelligence provides customers comparative analysis of cellular performance in a given location, while offering insights based on millions of data points within a radio frequency (RF) environment.

“SmartCIC Technologies sits at the intersection of hardware, software, networking and AI. Our innovation centre is a place where innovators from different backgrounds can come together and share knowledge and expertise. We have a tremendous opportunity to shape the future of wireless networking and deliver exciting solutions that enable MNOs, enterprises and end users to benefit from 5G, 6G and whatever the future holds in wireless networking,” said Forman.

SmartCIC Technologies is focused on driving innovation through cellular intelligence with AI and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles at its core. Its predictive analytics tools allow users to build models of the RF environment to predict performance. In addition to its predictive engine, SmartCIC utilises AI to minimise emissions from its ‘Drive’ car by generating efficient drive routes based on real-time data reducing the need for excessive driving.

About SmartCIC Technologies

SmartCIC Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of SmartCIC Global Services, focused on the development and delivery of innovative wireless technologies and solutions that support the advancement of the mobile ecosystem. It operates an innovation hub in Barcelona where its software developers and engineers collaborate with partners, customers, and innovators to create disruptive network-centric solutions.

Its flagship CELLSMART brand combines precision-performance testing with artificial intelligence to optimise and accelerate innovation in mobile networking. CELLSMART’s “Drive” and “Walk” initiatives provide bespoke enterprise-grade network testing and mapping of cellular performance. Drive was launched to capture cellular intelligence across countries and metro areas the same way Google has mapped local streets. All testing is operator agnostic, enabling CELLSMART to compare network performance across locations, providers, and cellular technologies.

For further information on CELLSMART or SmartCIC Technologies, please contact:

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