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Press Release -- May 1st, 2024
Source: Huawei

Huawei Announces Winners of the GoPaint Worldwide Creating Activity

[Shenzhen, China, April 30, 2024] Huawei revealed today the winners of the GoPaint Worldwide Creating Activity, celebrating the best works of digital art from Huawei tablet users across the globe. The contest is designed to inspire creativity and self-expression through digital art.

This year’s HUAWEI GoPaint Worldwide Creating Activity winners, which ran from January until the end of February, were handpicked from thousands of entries worldwide. The most commonly used devices for creating artwork submissions were the HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2″ and Huawei M-Pencil (3rd generation).


Award winners and their prizes

12 award winners will be honoured with monetary prizes. The top prizes are: One Best Visual Award (US$5,000), one Best Storytelling Award ($5,000), and one Most Popular Award ($5,000). In addition, nine Honourable Mention winners will receive $2,000 each[1].

Best works highlights

Best Visual Award category went to Shir-Liz Hoo. Hoo’s artwork, titled “Childlike Curiosity,” focuses on the value of embracing this trait fearlessly – letting it guide you through the wonders of life, fostering connections with others, and uncovering new discoveries.

SLHHUAWEI GoPaint Worldwide Creating Activity winner for Best Visual Award: Shir-Liz Hoo

In the Honourable Mention category, Wastana Haikal was crowned as one of the winners. Haikal’s entry, titled “Starmate”, was created with the HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2″ and the Huawei M-Pencil (3rd generation). This winning submission is about embracing the magic of wishing upon a star for true love – portraying the euphoria of granted wishes, and cherishing both the virtues and flaws of your beloved.

WHHUAWEI GoPaint Worldwide Creating Activity winner for Honourable Mention: Wastana Haikal

Another standout entry in the Honourable Mention category is Nurul Husna Binti Mokhtar’s piece about the lion dance performance, symbolic of luck and happiness. The artwork captures its awe-inspiring nature and highlights the importance of keeping traditions alive.

NHBMHUAWEI GoPaint Worldwide Creating Activity winner for Honourable Mention: Nurul Husna Binti Mokhtar

Committed to Bringing Creativity to Life

The HUAWEI GoPaint Worldwide Creating Activity demonstrates how participants get creative using tablets to create works of art, inspiring and energising the creative spirit in users across the globe.

Driven by the belief that mobile creation is an excellent way for users to uncover the beauty of the world around them, Huawei remains dedicated to championing the concept of ‘Creation of Beauty,’ while inspiring people worldwide to use tablets as tools for artistic expression.

Huawei also remains steadfast in its promise to empower users to unleash their creative potential by providing excellent creative tools and platforms. The Huawei MatePad Pro 13.2″ paired with the Huawei M-Pencil (3rd generation) were the most popular tools used by participants. The tablet features a sleek and ultra-thin[2] design weighing just 580g[3], and a flexible OLED screen. Paired with the stylus, which features 10,000+ pressure sensing levels[4], the tablet provides mastery over a variety of artistic styles – breathing life into every creative vision.

The HUAWEI GoPaint Worldwide Creating Activity sparked inspiration in thousands of participants to pick up their tablets and keep creating. Looking ahead, Huawei remains dedicated to encouraging users in their creative pursuits.

For more details about this year’s winners, please visit:

[1]The prize amounts mentioned above include taxes. The organizer reserves the right to adjust the number of prize winners, based on real world conditions.
[2]The data comes from Huawei Labs, and the actual weight configuration, manufacturing process, and measurement method may vary.
[3]The data comes from Huawei Labs. Actual thickness may vary depending on configuration, manufacturing process, and measurement method.
[4]At present, only HUAWEI M-Pencil (3rd generation) with HUAWEI MatePad Pro 13.2 inches can achieve 16384 levels of pressure-sensitive handwriting experience, the actual use effect may vary according to different handwriting methods and applications, please refer to the actual usage. More adapted models will be added gradually, so stay tuned.

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