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Press Release -- May 14th, 2024
Source: enreach


Almere, May 14 2024Enreach, Europe’s leading provider of converged contact solutions, announces the successful migration in the Netherlands and Germany of 100,000+ users to its leading UCaaS platform Enreach Contact. This achievement is a key step in Enreach’s strategy to boost its UCaaS offering across Europe.

The migration aligns with Enreach’s strategic objective to provide a more integrated and efficient platform for business communications. It reflects the company’s focus on improving operational and technical efficiencies while ensuring that Enreach, along with its partners and customers, can fully leverage the synergies of a consolidated technology platform.

“Completing the migration of 100,000+ users to our Enreach Contact UCaaS platform is an important milestone that reflects our ongoing efforts to enhance the quality of our business communications solutions,” said Enreach Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Koen van Geffen. “This project was not just about moving users; it was about evolving our technology to better serve our customers and partners.”

Significant technology shift enhancing operational benefits

“The migration also represents a technical new age for us, shifting to our next generation platform based on Elixir, a dynamic programming language running on ErlangVM. The new platform serves as the foundation for Enreach Contact, ensuring that it can efficiently manage the increased demand from our growing user base while at the same time guaranteeing the resilience of our services and enabling Enreach to rapidly deploy new features.,” explained Enreach CTO Koen van Geffen.

In recent years, Enreach has broadened its portfolio through several acquisitions, each bringing unique capabilities and technologies such as the addition of conversational AI pioneer Botsquad that expanded Enreach’s product range with advanced conversational bots. The new UCaaS platform integrates these technologies into a unified offering, delivering a robust, scalable, and flexible solution that meets the evolving needs of businesses across Europe. As Enreach continues to grow, the consolidated technology will play a crucial role in its ability to deliver innovative solutions and further its ambition to become the European leader in converged contact solutions. By converging CCaaS, AI capabilities and more with UCaaS, primarily the Enreach Contact solution, Enreach is delivering on its vision of more connected, collaborative, and efficient business communications.

Enreach Contact transforms European business communications

Enreach Contact is Enreach’s European flagship product, a highly scalable UCaaS solution designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern businesses and deliver an excellent customer experience. Enreach Contact combines voice, chat, video, advanced call management features with fixed and mobile connectivity and integrates advanced AI-powered capabilities, including smart Interactive Voice Response (IVR), chat and voice bots, text-to-speech and more. It also supports seamless integration with a variety of business applications from Microsoft Teams to more than 100 CRM systems, making communication and collaboration more efficient, and remote working accessible to everyone.

About Enreach

Enreach is a European leader in converged contact solutions with a strong presence in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and the Baltic States. Enreach provides collaboration technology and telecom services through its resellers, service provider partners, and direct channels. All operations contribute to intelligent, integrated IT and communication solutions that ensure optimal communication and workflow between organizations. Enreach’s mission is to give companies access to the best communication and collaboration tools with a simple, user-centric interface built around their specific needs and systems. The group’s products place powerful features within reach of all companies, regardless of industry or size, so their employees can focus on getting great things done. Enreach operates in over 25 countries and has over 1,000 employees working in 27 different European offices.

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