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Press Release -- April 2nd, 2024
Source: Telehouse America


April 2, 2024

KDDI announces that KDDI Spherience, LLC (hereinafter, “KDDI Spherience”) will begin its operation as a wholly owned subsidiary of KDDI America Inc. on April 1, 2024 with the aim of globally expanding the connected services business.

On the same day, KDDI Spherience will open an operation base in Stockholm, Sweden.

By strengthening the collaboration among our three bases in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, we will help Japanese automakers expand their operations overseas and overseas automakers implement connected service solutions, thereby strengthening and promoting the connected services business on a global scale.

■Background and Objective

As IoT, digital transformation and other data-driven businesses expand globally in a variety of industries, initiatives for connected cars and mobility are further expanding in the mobility industry.

In addition to initiatives to create a safe and secure mobility society by utilizing data obtained from connected cars, automobiles are no longer just a means of transportation but are expected to provide personalized in-car environment and entertainment experiences for each customer, in addition to driving. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to keep cars connected through communications across national borders.

KDDI has been facilitating the global deployment of connected services to expand the connection between people and cars together with Japanese automakers by utilizing the Global Communications Platform that achieves high-quality and stable communications in countries around the world.

With KDDI Spherience and its operation launched, we will strengthen and promote the connected services business on a global scale while providing support for overseas automakers to respond globally to customer trends outside Japan. Furthermore, the entire KDDI Group will promote solutions for issues in a variety of domains, including automotive and digital devices as well as other mobility sectors in general, by utilizing the Global Communications Platform.

The KDDI Group operates the B2B brand “KDDI BUSINESS” to achieve the KDDI VISION 2030, “the creation of a society in which anyone can make their dreams a reality, by enhancing the power to connect.” KDDI BUSINESS will promote the digital transformation in the mobility industry by focusing on the connected services business as one of its key domains.

■Overview of KDDI Spherience

(1) Name            KDDI Spherience, LLC
(2) Location            Texas, United States
(3) Business description            Connected services business
(4) Capital            US$ 5,000,000 (approx. 700 million yen)
(5) Date of establishment            November 7, 2023
(6) Major shareholder and
shareholding ratio
           KDDI America, Inc. 100%

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