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Press Release -- April 11th, 2024
Source: AT&T

Empowering the Next Tech Titans: A Glimpse into AT&T’s Technology Development Program

Nicole DesprogesAssistant Vice President – Technology & Talent Enablement

As the Assistant Vice President in Technology & Talent Enablement, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the journey of numerous young talents through AT&T’s Technology Development Program (TDP). I recall the story of Abigail Williams, who, after earning her engineering degree from the University of Oklahoma, struggled to find a job that felt “right.” That was until AT&T reached out to her through Handshake, opening a door to a unique career path.

Abigail shared with me, “That was the moment I understood that AT&T’s Technology Development Program was unlike any other. The program offered a chance to explore the company’s diverse sectors through a rotational system, allowing me to explore different skills and find my ideal career path. Ultimately, the company values solidified my decision to apply.”

Our TDP is a highly sought-after development program, receiving thousands of applications when our hiring cycle begins. We’ve designed it to launch students into rewarding technical careers and groom them for future technical leadership roles.

One of AT&T’s culture pillars, ‘Serving customers first,’ resonated with Abigail. This principle mirrored her personal belief in giving back to the community—a value ingrained in her since childhood, which solidified her decision to apply to AT&T. Upon acceptance into the program, Abigail relished the opportunity to build relationships with her colleagues, even extending their interactions into personal time with activities like playing volleyball and attending trivia nights.

I’ve also observed the journey of Michael Harman, currently in his second year with the TDP. His experience, particularly the expansion of his networking knowledge through his rotations and his budding friendships with many TDP colleagues, has been a joy to witness.

Sherwin Shahraray, an alumnus of the TDP program and current Technology Director, Supply Chain, also emphasizes the importance of relationship building. His advice to the current participants? “Build deep relationships with your peers in the program. They’ll be the backbone of your experience and the first members of your network as you grow up in the business.”

Our TDP program spans two to three years, providing the perfect timeframe for the participants to unravel the complexities of the industry, build a solid foundation of knowledge, and evolve into future industry leaders.

I’m proud to say that AT&T’s Tech Intern programs were recently named a 2024 Campus Forward Award Winner by RippleMatch. This honor reflects our robust recruitment strategy and commitment to diversity and inclusion. Moreover, we were featured in Career Karma’s Best CS Internships for 2023, underlining the crucial role our internships play in guiding the career trajectory of computer science students.

The program application process begins in August and includes a technical assessment, a prescreening interview, a technical interview, and a behavioral interview, culminating in a job offer. The adventure starts in June for interns and in July for TDP participants.

With AT&T’s TDP hubs in Dallas, TX; Atlanta, GA; Middletown, NJ, and Bothell, WA, the future of tech is unfolding right before our eyes. So, are you ready to be part of the next generation of tech leaders?

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