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Press Release -- April 9th, 2024
Source: subex

Breaking New Ground: Subex’s 2023-24 Global Survey Revolutionizes Business Assurance Benchmarking

The survey evaluates operators’ technology readiness using TRACI

4th April 2024, Bengaluru, INDIA – Subex, a leading telecom AI company that enables connected experiences, today unveiled the first ever Business Assurance Global Benchmarking Survey. This pivotal new survey explores how Revenue/Business Assurance (RA/BA) functions in the telecoms industry have matured, assessing the strategic deployment of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies and their impact on tangible ROI achievement.

The survey garnered inputs from more than 200 industry professionals across 150 telcos worldwide, with 82% being key decision-makers. The results of the survey provide telecom operators with comprehensive insights into their global positioning and readiness for upcoming technological shifts. Serving as an essential benchmarking tool, the report includes strategic directions to help operators foster resilience and promote long-term success.

Central to this year’s insights is the Technology Readiness for Assurance and Compliance Index (TRACI). This novel framework evaluates telecom operators’ readiness to tackle assurance, and compliance challenges within their technological frameworks. It assesses the effectiveness of automation and tools in meeting the demands of Revenue/Business assurance, offering a standardized metric for technological solution readiness. This framework aids operators in making informed decisions about technology adoption, aligning their strategies with organizational goals towards enhancing Business Assurance and integrating AI/ML operations effectively.

The Business Assurance Global Benchmarking Survey reveals several critical insights:

  1. 90% of telcos report ROI satisfaction post-transition to comprehensive Business Assurance (BA) from traditional Revenue Assurance (RA). Satisfaction correlates with active engagement in BA processes. While RA targets usage-related anomalies, BA expands this with a proactive, data-driven approach that integrates risk management to boost financial integrity and customer experience.
  2. 75% of telcos attribute ROI improvements to increased automation, incorporating AI/ML, process automation, and vendor-provided commercial off-the-shelf solutions. This advancement enhances leak detection and recovery, lowering financial risk.
  3. 60% of telcos believe AI/ML adoption is crucial for a positive ROI perception among senior management, though challenges like limited expertise, budget constraints, and integration complexity impede adoption.
  4. A direct link exists between the maturity of Revenue/Business Assurance functions and ROI satisfaction. APAC and Europe lead in maturity, showcasing effective management practices. Conversely, Africa and the Americas vary in maturity, with MENA also showing a preference for higher levels.
  5. 27% of telcos express ROI dissatisfaction from their Business Assurance functions, pointing to operational inefficiencies, strategic misalignments, and outdated methods without automation or AI/ML. This issue is compounded by a workforce lacking in digital skills.

Rohit Maheshwari, Head of Products at Subex said, “The Subex Business Assurance Global Benchmarking Survey 2023-24 illuminates the evolution of Revenue/Business Assurance functions, underscoring the crucial role of AI/ML and automation in enhancing operational efficiency and financial outcomes. Offering a comprehensive roadmap, the survey tackles AI/ML adoption barriers and skill gaps, equipping telecom operators to optimize their operations and successfully navigate the technological landscape. This strategic initiative not only highlights key areas such as anomaly detection, workflow automation, and root cause analysis for operational excellence but also introduces the TRACI score which operators can use to assess their preparedness for technology, assurance, and compliance challenges.”

To learn more about the TRACI index or to explore enabling it for your organization, schedule a brief discussion with our experts: Set up the discussion Now

The full report can be downloaded here: Business Assurance Global Benchmarking Survey (

About Subex

Subex is a telecom AI solutions company enabling Communications Service Providers (CSP) across the globe to create connected experiences for their customers. Founded in 1994, Subex has spent over 25 years in helping CSPs maximize their revenues and profitability. With a legacy of having served the market through its world-class solutions for business optimization and analytics, Subex is now leading the way by leveraging AI to create connected experiences in the business ecosystems of its customers.

Through their HyperSense line of offerings, Subex empowers communications service providers and enterprise customers to make faster, better decisions by leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the data value chain. With over two decades of expertise in the telecom domain and AI capabilities, we accelerate your AI journey by offering custom AI solutions which include AI use cases, LLM Co-Pilots, Facial Recognition, Image Detection, and more for CSPs and enterprise customers. We assist in orchestrating and developing solutions on platforms of your choice across various verticals including an array of use cases.

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