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Press Release -- March 11th, 2024
Source: nitel

Nitel Introduces Remote Reboot Service to Get Business Locations with No Onsite Tech Support Back Online Quickly

Reduces Costly Onsite Support, Downtime as Nearly 50% of Broadband and Cellular Issues Can Be Fixed with a Simple Reboot

CHICAGO – March 11, 2024— Nitel, a leading network-as-a-service (NaaS) provider, launched today its Remote Reboot Service that is designed to get businesses with dispersed locations back online quickly in the event of a network issue. The service will eliminate significant expenses associated with onsite or direct tech support simply by rebooting the network remotely. Nitel’s research has shown that nearly 50% of broadband and cellular issues can be solved with a simple device reboot.

“We never want to call anything simple when it comes to the network, but we have found that a large number of issues our customers experience, especially with broadband services, can be solved with a device reboot,” said Mike Frane, Nitel’s chief product officer. “We are constantly looking at ways to help our customers improve network quality and uptime and this is a very practical and straightforward solution that improves efficiencies and maximizes network availability.”

How It Works

According to Frane, Remote Reboot Service provides a way to get business locations back online quickly in the event of an outage. By deploying a cloud-controlled IP power distribution unit to customer locations, devices can be rebooted—without paying for costly truck rolls or waiting for technical employees to reach the location. There are three elements to the solution:

  • Automatic Self-Healing – Nitel deploys remote reboot power distribution units (PDUs) to continuously monitor connectivity, and when the connection is lost, it automatically reboots effected devices. Automation is configurable and is designed to speed resolution activities. Nitel’s findings have been that reboots resolve customer issues nearly 50% of the time for broadband routers.
  • Remote Management – Remote reboot services empower the Nitel NOC to reboot equipment at the customer’s premises remotely as part of Nitel’s managed services to reduce costly downtime. This also helps the NOC identify equipment that may continuously be unreliable and may need maintenance before it fails entirely. Other services provided by Nitel’s NOC include device monitoring, change management, software/firmware updates, maintenance, equipment replacement, and visibility and control through the MyNitel portal.
  • Customer Control – Customers also have the ability to remotely reboot devices that aren’t managed by Nitel using this service. They can plug in their own devices’ power cords to the PDU power plugs and remotely reboot on their own via their own cloud portal accessible through MyNitel.

According to Frane, there are a number of benefits to the service, including the elimination of expensive truck rolls, quick resolution of network issues, and automated problem resolution which minimizes support calls and allows onsite workers to focus on their business of serving their customers. Businesses in healthcare, retail, and financial services are ideal customers of this service.

“If we can keep our end users up and running from a network perspective, we’ve not only delivered on our customer commitment, but we enable businesses to focus on their customers,” Frane said. “As we’ve done with other solutions, we continue to focus on our customers success. The remote reboot services clearly have that in mind.”

About Nitel

Nitel is a leading network as a service (NaaS) provider. We simplify the complex technology challenges of today’s enterprise organizations to create seamless and integrated managed network and security solutions to help customers meet the demands of digital transformation. For more information on Nitel, please visit:

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