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Press Release -- March 11th, 2024
Source: Verizon

Empowering young minds: Meet the winner of the 2024 Verizon/Unloc Young Entrepreneurs Challenge

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AngioGenius’ Ethan Waisberg wins this year’s Young Entrepreneurs Challenge and £10,000/€12,000 to grow their business.

LONDON, U.K. – Ethan Waisberg has been revealed as the winner of the 2024 Verizon/Unloc Young Entrepreneurs Challenge. Ethan competed with strong contenders from across Europe to win £10,000 (€12,000), mentorship, a technology support package to help kickstart their business proposal, and a trip to the One Young World 2024 Global Summit, which brings together many of the brightest young leaders from over 190 countries.

The Young Entrepreneurs Challenge, now in its sixth year, tasks young people between the ages of 16 and 25 to devise a tech-led business idea that enriches and benefits the planet. This year’s challenge uncovered solutions, including a new bladeless hydro generator, a hybrid sunlight system that utilises advanced optics with a sun-tracking mechanism, and Generative AI technology to improve eye disease screening programs.

With a strong pitch and well defined business plan, Ethan won this year’s Young Entrepreneurs Challenge with his product AngioGenius. With eye disease screening programs worldwide not performing well enough and millions around the world going blind, Ethan developed an app where anyone can take a photo of their eye at home to help detect and monitor eye disease progression. From his research work with NASA astronauts, Ethan found a way to use Generative AI to allow the eyes of astronauts to be better monitored while in spaceflight, where limited imaging equipment exists. Ethan is bringing this same technology to Earth with AngioGenius at a fraction of the cost to current and widely used eye disease screening programs.

“I’m extremely impressed with all the other finalists and I feel honored to be here and to have won,” said Ethan Waisberg, Founder, AngioGenius “I’m really excited as this funding will enable us to carry out clinical trials and help reduce blindness worldwide. I’m also excited by the support and mentorship being offered by Verizon and Unloc to help my company take the next steps to growth”

I am truly impressed by the innovative ideas and determination demonstrated by all participants in this year’s Young Entrepreneur Challenge. Congratulations to this year’s winner, Ethan Waisberg for his innovative vision and exemplary execution, and to all the finalists for their remarkable contributions to the entrepreneurial landscape. Their innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit have truly impressed us all and their passion, creativity, and dedication are inspiring examples for aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere. I am excited to see this group of young business leaders and their innovations fulfill their potential to have a positive impact .” said Sanjiv Gossain, General Manager and Head of EMEA for Verizon Business.”

“What an amazing Grand Final this year” said Unloc’s Managing Director Hayden Taylor, “Our Finalists were so prepared and focused during the event, and really demonstrated the ingenuity, creativity and determination of young people in today’s world. I know our judges had an incredibly tough decision to make, but ultimately there can only be one grand prize winner, and Ethan absolutely deserved the £10,000 prize to take his ideas forward and make them a reality. A huge congratulations to all of our finalists, you make all of the hard work that goes into this competition absolutely worth it, and we’ll continue to watch and support you on your journey as the business leaders of tomorrow.”

Each runner-up receives £1,000 to fund their start-up business, a personalised development plan that focuses on key priorities, and access to a series of masterclasses over the next year that will pair the finalists with various industry experts.

The 2024 Young Entrepreneurs Challenge Runner Ups:

– Devi Pathak (19), UK | LinkedIn

Lung cancer accounts for over a fifth of cancer fatalities annually. With approximately 38,000 new cases diagnosed annually, it is the leading cause of cancer-related deaths. This is due to ineffective screening processes and delayed symptom recognition associated with lung cancer detection. PulmoGuard ProScan, is a breathalyzer intended for both routine GP exams and high-risk individuals (e.g. smokers, exposure to environmental pollutants) to determine lung cancer susceptibility. It analyses volatile organic chemicals and biomarkers in exhaled air, such as miRNAs, isoprene or NNK, which are linked to lung cancer risk. Early detection is aided by the device’s rapid and non-invasive results.

– Kolatat Phaiboonnukulkij (20) UK | LinkedIn

Phytavaren Technology, a Proptech startup in London, specialises in building thermal dynamics R&D with passive design and developing eco-friendly building materials and other low-energy construction materials by integrating architectural solution design to address thermal regulation, carbon sequestration and structural integrity in construction. The Interlocking Semi-Calcite Passive Brick (ISCPB), Phytavaren Technology’s flagship product, is a sustainable construction material with eco-design integrated with thermal dynamics to use less electricity to regulate building temperature.

– Theodor Blomberg (23) UK | LinkedIn

“The Swirl.” – one of the first truly bladeless hydro generators that harness the power of the vortex effect, setting it apart from conventional generators. The innovative bladeless design of Swirl. eliminates perpendicular obstacles for passing biomass, and its rotating system follows the water stream – creating a safe passage for fish and other biomasses through the middle section, all while generating sustainable power. The Swirl. is sustainable as it aims to support the commercialisation of clean energy sources for eco-conscious individuals or those in need of a green backup source.

– Mariia Alipatova (24) Ukraine | LinkedIn

Solar Optic is a hybrid sunlight system that utilises advanced optics and a sun-tracking mechanism to provide natural illumination indoors. The system concentrates sunlight on the surface of the lens and the light beam is guided through a polymer optic cable. High electricity prices and carbon taxes are forcing organisations to think about the implementation of sustainable solutions. Solar Optic technology has a potential application in various markets such as schools, warehouses and supermarkets.

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