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Press Release -- March 26th, 2024
Source: Avaya

Avaya collaborates with Zoom, aligns solution portfolio to Innovation Without Disruption strategy

Australia & New Zealand – March 27, 2024 – Avaya, a global leader in customer experience and communications solutions, today expanded its commitment to the Avaya Experience Platform™, committing to a single, unified platform that encompasses Avaya solutions for customer experience (CX). The move aligns to the company’s vision, which enables Avaya to accelerate roadmap delivery, and makes it easier for Enterprise customers to innovate without disruption, deliver exceptional experiences to their customers and employees, and drive measurable business growth.

Avaya also announced the Avaya Communication and Collaboration Suite. This suite of solutions delivers customers with seamless communication and collaboration experiences where they can connect with people and tools—all in one place: meet, call, chat, share files, manage tasks, and more.

Avaya’s strategy is to give customers the ability to choose their path that fits their organisation whether in the public cloud, private cloud, or on-prem. By offering these robust communications solutions that can be deployed on-prem, in a private cloud, or via the public cloud, customers can choose which one works best for them and their employees.

Avaya Experience Platform

The Avaya Experience Platform (AXP) enables customers’ teams to improve customer experience, employee experience, and business outcomes by delivering CX capabilities from a single platform regardless of whether it is deployed on-prem, private cloud or public cloud.

To make it easier for customers to select the offerings most appropriate for their business needs, Avaya have simplified its naming architecture. The new product names under the Avaya Experience Platform are:

These AXP solutions are designed to streamline the integration with cloud services, facilitating both current and future innovations. These include advancements in digital channels, self-service, assisted service, connected employee initiatives, workforce engagement, customer journey orchestration, and proactive customer care, all supported by robust AI technologies.

Avaya’s approach is underpinned by a software architecture that enables customers to incorporate new functionality into their existing infrastructure on an incremental basis, eliminating the need for disruptive ‘rip-and-replace’ approaches that can cause business regression and a significant loss in business performance.

“We will deliver a single platform to all customers through the newly integrated Avaya Experience Platform portfolio, which reinforces our ‘innovation without disruption’ benefit,” said Soren Abilgaard, EVP and CTO, Avaya. “Realigning our solutions under Avaya Experience Platform supports our CX innovation strategy focus, where customers can choose their cloud journey to add the over-the-top enhancements that fit their needs.”

Avaya Communication and Collaboration Suite 

“Our ‘Innovation Without Disruption’ strategy continues to resonate exceedingly well with our customers,” said Alan Masarek, CEO at Avaya. “We’ve listened closely to their needs and have built our Avaya Communication and Collaboration Suite to provide our customers with the flexibility and agility they need to meet the ever-changing demands of their employees.”

In the Avaya Communication and Collaboration Suite, customers can choose their employee experience path through:

  • On-Prem: Avaya remains committed to Avaya Aura and Avaya IP Office enabling customers to continue to strengthen and maintain their advanced communication systems. Bolster your advanced communication systems on-prem with steadfast reliability, maintaining seamless connectivity and enhancing operational continuity.
  • Private Cloud: With Avaya Enterprise Cloud™, harness the strength of a fortified, managed communication cloud on Microsoft Azure, ensuring heightened security and efficiency for your business operations. Enjoy the benefits available with Avaya Aura, in a private cloud environment.
  • Public CloudAvaya Cloud Office by Ring Central empowers organisations of any size to enhance their employee experiences, leading to improved customer experiences with simplicity, ease of use, and a customised solution. As part of the strategic partnership between Avaya and RingCentral, Avaya Cloud Office by Ring Central is Avaya’s exclusive UCaaS solution in geographies where available.

With the introduction of the Avaya Communication and Collaboration Suite, Avaya customers receive additional value from their communications solutions through Collaboration Platfotrm Integrations. These are integrations with the leading collaboration platform of their choice. By integrating new technologies such as enhancing team connectivity and incorporating AI for more efficient operations enterprises can deliver innovative solutions without disrupting the technology they already have in place.

As part of Avaya’s Collaboration Platform Integrations, Avaya announced a new partnership with Zoom’s forthcoming AI-powered collaboration platform, Zoom Workplace. Additionally, Avaya will offer the integrated Zoom Workplace solution and will deliver an enhanced collaboration experience to its base, which boasts some of the industry’s largest enterprise customers. Working together, Zoom and Avaya’s partnership is designed to deliver a joint solution that will provide an enhanced collaboration user experience for Avaya customers.

“The unveiling of the Avaya Communication and Collaboration Suite marks a significant step forward, combining market-leading solutions from Avaya and their strategic partners that deliver on the promise of innovation without disruption,” Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research. “In an era where workers spend many hours each day on video calls, often across multiple collaboration solutions, the Avaya Communication and Collaboration Suite emerges as a beacon of integration and efficiency. By streamlining their UC offerings into a single suite, Avaya not only addresses the evolving demands of customers and their employees but also offers a unique solution that simplifies the complex digital workspace. This consolidation is poised to redefine how organisations foster collaboration, ensuring seamless interaction across diverse collaboration solutions and enhancing productivity in the virtual workplace.”


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Source: Avaya Newsroom

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