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Press Release -- February 7th, 2024
Source: neterra

Neterra Attains Carbon Neutral Company Certification:

Leveraging Photovoltaic Park and Wind Power Project

Neterra has successfully affirmed its status as a carbon-neutral company, receiving an official certificate from the prestigious Swiss Gold Standard. The organization’s meticulous audit of Neterra’s operations for 2021 and 2022 revealed the need to offset 114 tons of carbon dioxide emissions in pursuit of carbon neutrality. Neterra acted on this recommendation by investing in a substantial 100.8 MW wind power project in Belugupa, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Gold Standard will evaluate Neterra’s environmental impact further for 2023. Considering the company’s already implemented strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the organization will determine if additional emission offsets are necessary.

Neterra embarked on its journey to become a carbon-neutral company in early 2021. The company has since transitioned to 100% clean energy sources and enacted comprehensive energy efficiency measures. In their data centers, Neterra has procured and installed cutting-edge, energy-efficient cooling systems.

The company’s dedication to sustainability extends to its fleet of electric and hybrid company vehicles. Paper-based records are entirely digitalized, and disposable plastics have been eliminated from offices. Neterra actively engages employees in organized afforestation initiatives, restoring Bulgarian forests by planting thousands of trees.

Neterra’s commitment to renewable energy includes constructing a photovoltaic park adjacent to its data center park in the village of Stolnik. The initial phase of this project is complete, and upon its culmination, the solar power generation capacity is projected to reach 2 megawatts. This endeavor further supports Neterra’s aim to diminish its carbon footprint and diversify its energy sources with renewables.

About Neterra

Neterra is an independent global telecommunications service provider, winner of the Capacity Global Carrier Awards for “The Best Central & Eastern European Carrier 2023”. It is trusted by some of the world’s largest companies, as well as small and medium-sized businesses. The company has been providing international connectivity, network management services, and security for almost 30 years across its network of over 220 locations in more than 65 countries. Neterra delivers a range of fast, reliable, and secure Internet access and connectivity services. It offers IT services, servers for rent, a flexible cloud platform, DDoS protection, and a platform for GPS tracking and reporting toll fees. Neterra owns and operates four data centers and represents NetIX, the Global Internet Exchange Platform, all with expert 24*7 support.

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