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Press Release -- February 14th, 2024
Source: DE-CIX

DE-CIX and IX-API drive innovation in Internet Exchange standards

Frankfurt am Main, February 14, 2024. DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator, contributed to the further development of the IX-API standard for the interconnection and automation of Internet Exchanges in 2023. As part of a collaboration with other IX operators such as AMS-IX and LINX under the umbrella of the IX-API initiative, DE-CIX has delivered a proprietary extension to the specification for Cloud Router, which has now been implemented into the core specification. The year 2023 has seen other groundbreaking enhancements in the IX-API specification, notable progress in open-source implementations, and increased interest from both existing and new implementors.

Evolution in Specification:

The standout achievement in 2023 is the major expansion of the specification to include, for the first time, an extension to layer 3. This extension encompasses routing functions and BGP configuration for Cloud services, marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of the standard. Additionally, a new proposed and approved specification for peers’ statistics and the sharing of remaining available capacity among peers has been introduced. Notably, DE-CIX’s proprietary extension to the specification for Cloud Router has been accepted into the core specification, highlighting the collaborative and inclusive nature of the IX-API community.

“The acceptance of DE-CIX’s proprietary extension into the core specification underscores the collaborative spirit of IX-API,” according to Marcos Sanz Grossón, Head of Global Software at DE-CIX. “These developments in 2023 reinforce the importance of adaptability and innovation in Internet Exchange standards. DE-CIX is proud to be part of this transformative journey, and we are committed to contributing further to the success of IX-API.”

Progress in Open Source Implementation and Deployment:

IX-API has demonstrated its commitment to open-source initiatives, making strides in the development and deployment of the standard:

  1. A Terraform provider, now the de facto standard in infrastructure as code, has been successfully developed with over 1000 downloads this year. The provider is accessible on the official Terraform Registry , providing a seamless experience for infrastructure management.
  2. The Peering Manager , a widely used tool in the internet exchange ecosystem, has fully integrated IX-API. A dedicated open-source IX-API client in Python, pyixapi, has been developed for Peering Manager, allowing users to remotely manage peering services at any participating IXP. The recently released Peering Manager v1.8 features this client, bringing enhanced capabilities to the community.
  3. The network statistics feature introduced in version 2.4 of the specification is no longer theoretical; it has been successfully implemented and released by LINX, further validating the practical impact of IX-API’s standards.

Diverse Implementors and New Entrants:

IX-API continues to foster a diverse ecosystem with contributions from existing implementors and the addition of new players in the field. Besides the well-known existing implementations of AMS-IX, DE-CIX, LINX and Digital Realty (Interxion Cloud Connect, SEECIX and Terraco Africa Cloud Exchange), we see new players in the arena, foremost JP-NAP and France-IX, showing interest and willing contribute.

The inclusion of new implementors reflects the growing interest and recognition of the value that IX-API brings to the internet exchange landscape.

About IX-API:

IX-API is at the forefront of shaping the future of internet exchange standards, facilitating seamless communication and collaboration among diverse stakeholders in the digital ecosystem. With a commitment to openness, innovation, and inclusivity, IX-API continues to drive advancements that empower the internet exchange community. For more information, visit .

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About DE-CIX

DE-CIX is the world’s leading operator of Internet Exchanges (IXs). DE-CIX offers its interconnection services in around 50 metro-markets in Europe, Africa, North America, the Middle East, and Asia. Accessible from data centers in over 600 cities world-wide, DE-CIX interconnects thousands of network operators (carriers), Internet service providers (ISPs), content providers and enterprise networks from more than 100 countries, and offers peering, cloud, and interconnection services. DE-CIX in Frankfurt, Germany, is one of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world, with a data volume of almost 40 Exabytes per year (as of 2023) and close to 1100 connected networks. More than 200 colleagues from over 30 different nations form the foundation of the DE-CIX success story in Germany and around the world. Since the beginning of the commercial Internet, DE-CIX has had a decisive influence – in a range of leading global bodies, such as the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) – on co-defining guiding principles for the Internet of the present and the future. As the operator of critical IT infrastructure, DE-CIX bears a great responsibility for the seamless, fast, and secure data exchange between people, enterprises, and organizations at its locations around the globe.

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