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Press Release -- January 23rd, 2024
Source: t-systems

T-Systems and IDSA achieve milestone for data spaces – first certification of a connector promotes standardization and interoperability

Dortmund, January 23rd, 2024 – T-Systems has successfully obtained the world’s first certification from the International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) for their Dataspace Connector – the essential component for connecting to dataspaces. IDSA is considered a key organization for standardizing Dataspaces, playing a crucial role in the sustainable development of the data economy.

The first step towards added value is the connection – Connector

Dataspaces allow companies to securely and sovereign exchange and share data, creating a connected and transparent data infrastructure. To participate in Dataspaces, a sovereign connection is required – a so-called Connector. T-Systems provides such a Connector as a Managed Service to make participation in Dataspaces easy and fast for businesses of all sizes.

Certifications for broad success in complex ecosystems

IDSA is committed to creating standards for data spaces and promoting the development of secure and interoperable solutions in this field. With the successful acquisition of the IDSA certificate for the Dataspace Connector, T-Systems emphasizes its position as a pioneer in the data spaces domain. The certified Connector provides users with assurance that their data can be exchanged in a data-driven environment according to the highest security and quality standards. Moreover, collaboration between service providers marks a significant step towards data spaces interoperability, resulting on an easier process and more benefits for the end customer. T-Systems acts proactively towards that common goal.

“As pioneers in Dataspaces, we at T-Systems are proud to label our Connector as the first IDSA-certified Dataspace Connector. This certification underscores our commitment to security and interoperability in the data economy,” says Sven Löffler, Chapter Lead Data Intelligence Hub at T-Systems.

“Witnessing T-Systems obtaining the world’s first IDS certification for their Dataspace Connector is a momentous occasion,” says Sonia Jimenez, Director Data Space Technology at IDSA. “This achievement not only signifies a crucial step in standardizing data spaces but also highlights our dedication to fostering secure, interoperable solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of the data economy.”

Resilience and efficiency through the use of data spaces

The IDSA certification of the Dataspace Connector is an important step for T-Systems to meet the increasing requirements for secure and efficient data traffic. This is the basis for business applications – so-called super apps – that should enable companies to create sustainable added value from their data and thus become more efficient and resilient.

Join us at the IDSA Winterdays in The Hague from February 6 to 8, 2024, where T-Systems representatives will showcase their work. This community event serves as a dynamic platform for tackling challenges, sharing knowledge, and finding inspiration in the evolving data spaces landscape. As part of the broader Data Sharing Festival, organized by Dutch key players like TNO and the Centre of Excellence for Data Sharing, the Winterdays uniquely focus on privacy, cybersecurity, and data sovereignty.

Sign up now: Data Sharing Festival – Register (


About International Data Spaces Association (IDSA)

The International Data Spaces Association is on a mission to create the future of the global, digital economy. Its 130+ member companies and institutions have created the International Data Spaces architecture (IDS): a secure system of sovereign and trusted data exchange in which all participants can realize the full value of their data. IDS enables new smart services and innovative business processes to work across companies and industries while ensuring that the control of data remains in the hands of data providers. We call this data sovereignty.

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