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Press Release -- December 5th, 2023
Source: Gulf Bridge International

GBI establishes a new Point of Presence (POP) in Oman, interconnecting all major data centres in the Gulf to Asia and Europe

  • GBI’s new Point of Presence in Oman via Equinix MC1 will seamlessly connect to other major data centres in the Gulf region and beyond
  • International OTTs, carriers, and gaming platform providers can now establish a presence both within and outside the Gulf via GBI’s Smart Network and terrestrial North Route
  • Connectivity options range from 10MB to 10GB speed

Tuesday 5th December – Gulf Bridge International (GBI), the trusted infrastructure provider that connects communities via the Middle East announces the launch of its new Point of Presence (POP) in Oman via the Equinix MC1 Data Centre, interconnecting all major data centres in the Gulf region to Asia and Europe through its extensive infrastructure network.

The development ensures more streamlined service delivery for GBI international carrier, OTT and gaming provider customers which will now have more seamless accessibility into and out of the Gulf region. Through GBI’s strong L2 and L3 Peering offering, MPLS routes and its diverse cable network to major data centres in Asia and Europe – including Doha Datacenters, Dubai Datamena, Fujairah Smarthub, and in Singapore – customers will have access to speed options ranging from 10MB to 10GB, improving latency by 30%.

Investing in POPs within Gulf region data centres has historically been expensive when compared to European equivalents, with the region’s geopolitical landscape making it challenging for international providers who want to access multiple markets. By interconnecting these data centres using fully connected MPLS technology, GBI offers customers higher efficiency on their investment by requiring only one physical presence in a single data centre, with the opportunity to reach others remotely and virtually through GBI’s regional network.

Brendan Press, Chief Commercial Officer at GBI, commented: “Our new POP in Oman reinforces GBI’s strategic positioning in the Gulf region to offer maximum availability for regional and international digital exchange. This expansion empowers our customers to interact both within and outside the Gulf in a seamless and cost-effective way that will further enhance communities’ access to digital experiences.”

Kamel Al Tawil, Managing Director MENA, Equinix, added: “We are thrilled to facilitate Gulf Bridge International’s expansion into Oman through our Equinix MC1 Data Centre. This strategic move strengthens our commitment to providing seamless connectivity options to our customers. By interconnecting prominent data centres across the Gulf region with key hubs in Asia and Europe, we are delivering a resilient and high-speed data exchange platform for GBI’s clientele. Equinix remains dedicated to nurturing digital exchange and facilitating global connectivity for both businesses and communities.”


About Gulf Bridge International (GBI) 

GBI is a provider of robust infrastructure that fuels innovation and growth. Connecting east and west via the Middle East, GBI’s diverse network is enhancing societies’ access to digital experiences and is the foundation for far reaching transformation. Founded in 2008, GBI is relationship-focused with full infrastructure control, meaning it evolves with complete autonomy in line with the ever-changing requirements of its partners, customers, and the people they connect.

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