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Press Release -- November 14th, 2023
Source: retn

New Padua-Vienna Network Route; Boosts Northern Italy’s Connectivity

London, Padova, Bergamo – November 14, 2023RETN, a leading international network services provider, is pleased to announce the launch of its latest network connectivity route from Padua to Vienna. Leveraging the VSIX Padua Point of Presence (PoP), this newly established route is designed to strengthen internet utilisation in the Veneto region by fostering collaboration among local, national, and international Internet Service Providers.

Thanks to a collaboration with Aruba, RETN has designed and deployed a direct connection from Padua to Vienna, to facilitate seamless access and connectivity onwards to Prague and Eastern Europe.

Milko Ilari, Managing Director of RETN Italy and Head of the Southern Europe region at RETN, emphasised the need for this development, stating, “Padua has experienced a significant surge in internet traffic, prompting us to introduce this new network route to ensure high-availability, secure, and low-latency digital accessibility between Italy and the rest of Europe.”

The Northeast of Italy is rapidly emerging as a hub for local operators, witnessing a widespread deployment of Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH) networks. RETN’s contribution to this digital landscape is expected to further amplify the region’s digital capabilities.

Notably, the Padua-Vienna route marks RETN’s fifth expansion in Italy, providing alternative connectivity to the conventional route via Rome and serving as a resilient alternative for Milan.

Prof. Eleonora Di Maria, VSIX President, highlighted the relevance of this opportunity for the whole business ecosystems of the Northeast of Italy: “International connectivity is fundamental to boost market expansion, improve sales/post-sales experience, and constant interaction with global customers of firms in the Northeast – both multinationals and SMEs – as well as to smooth their supply chain management in a digital, data-driven scenario.”

Andrea Colangelo, Network Infrastructure Director at Aruba said: “Aruba continues with its network development strategy to interconnect the data centre and the main national and international traffic exchange points. With this in mind, the opening of a PoP in Padua, at VSIX, and the relaunch of a connection towards Prague, where another Aruba owned data centre is located (Forpsi – Ktiš), increases our capacity and resilience of interconnection to the internet network by building an infrastructure independent from the main traffic hubs of the Northwest.”

New Padua-Vienna Network Connectivity Route

About RETN

RETN is one of the fastest growing independent Eurasian network services providers, with unique resources to connect Europe and Asia. In 2023 RETN was awarded the ‘Best Pan-European Carrier’ title, at the Global Carrier Awards. Offering a wide range of connectivity services, such as IP transit, Ethernet & VPN, Capacity, Remote peering to major IXPs, Colocation and Cloud Connect, RETN’s network encompasses more than 132,000km across 865+ PoPs, with maximum control of its physical network, which is running on leading equipment vendors such as Infinera, Juniper and Ciena.

RETN’s unique solution to connect Europe and Asia is built on its own homogenous DWDM and IP/MPLS Network Platform and widely branched land routes, passing through Western Europe, Eastern Europe and up to the border with China and further onwards into Southeast Asia.

RETN provides telecommunication services throughout its Eurasian network with short lead times, industry leading uptimes, and multiple layers of redundancy.

For more information on RETN and its services, please visit the company’s website at

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About Aruba S.p.A.

Aruba S.p.A., founded in 1994, is the main Italian provider of cloud services and the leader in Italy for data centre services, cloud, hosting, trust services, e-mail, PEC (certified emails), domain registration and digital signature. The company, with wholly Italian capital, caters for private individuals, professionals, businesses and Public Administration. Aruba manages a vast infrastructure that includes 2.7 million registered domains, 9.8 million e-mail accounts, 9 million PEC accounts and 130,000 managed servers, offering services to a total of 16 million users. Aruba PEC and Actalis are Aruba’s two Certification Authorities, both accredited with AgID (Agency for Digital Italy), and provide qualified services in the field of IT security, including digital signatures. In March 2021, Aruba expanded its offer by entering the telecommunications market with ultra-broadband connectivity services throughout the country. These services are based on Open Fiber’s fully fibre-optic network (FTTH – Fiber To The Home). In almost 30 years of activity, Aruba has developed extensive experience in the design and management of high-tech data centres, owned and distributed throughout Italy. The largest one is located in Ponte San Pietro, in the province of Bergamo (near Milan), and is characterised by “green by design” infrastructures and facilities that comply with the highest security standards in the industry (Rating 4 ANSI/TIA-942 and ISO 22237), as well as being designed to minimise environmental impact. Since 2015, Aruba meets its energy needs completely by using 100 per cent energy from renewable sources. It also produces additional clean energy through photovoltaic systems, groundwater cooling systems and hydroelectric power plants. Aruba is also committed to implementing energy-efficient solutions in its data centres, demonstrating its commitment to sustainability. The infrastructure network also extends across Europe, with a proprietary data centre in the Czech Republic and partner facilities located in France, Germany, Poland and the UK. This international presence allows Aruba to offer integrated services and solutions at a European level. Aruba is actively involved in the community, supporting social projects and cultural initiatives. The company promotes digital inclusion, technology training and support for innovation through programmes and partnerships with entities, institutions and third sector organisations. Furthermore, Aruba has established strategic partnerships with important technological and institutional companies that allow it to offer integrated and high-quality solutions to customers, guaranteeing complete and reliable services in the field of digital technology. With a strong presence on the Italian market and a growing relevance at international level, Aruba stands out for its leadership in the sector of cloud services, data centres and connectivity solutions. Aruba is committed to technological innovation, sustainability and the development of cutting-edge solutions. The company continues to invest in research and development in order to offer its customers advanced services and products and to meet the increasingly complex and diverse needs of customers, adapting to the constantly evolving digital market. For further information on the Aruba Group, please visit the website

About VSIX

VSIX was founded in 2009 as a Neutral Access Point and telehouse for north-eastern Italy, offering the possibility of exchanging traffic and services in a neutral node, with high efficiency, scalability and security to Internet operators and the main entities in the area. It is the fourth Italian Internet exchange after Milan, Rome and Turin in terms of the volume of public and private traffic reached, and because of this it has attracted national and international telecommunication service providers who consider VSIX an aggregation point where they can propose their services in a competitive telecommunications market, actually producing a competitive advantage for north-eastern Italy. The main mission of VSIX is to improve the quality of Internet connectivity in the Northeast, for this reason it continuously updates its infrastructure to ensure levels of service and security in compliance with international standards, also thanks to the relationships with other Italian IXPs. In its institutional role, VSIX is the University of Padua’s Center for Connectivity and Territorial Services. Its infrastructure is used for research support activities and for the development of technological and digital innovation projects proposed by the Departments. It also supports the public administration’s digital transition process through its partnership with the Veneto Region and collaboration with local authorities.

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