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Press Release -- October 10th, 2023
Source: stl-private

STL Digital unveils AInnovTM – A pioneering Generative AI solutioning fabric for modern enterprises

Bengaluru, India

– Gen AI solutions designed for enterprises to accelerate AI-led innovation and adoption

STL Digital, an  IT services and consulting company , today announced the launch of AInnovTM, a solutioning  fabric  of  powerful Generative AI Services, frameworks, methodologies and solutions designed for enterprises to accelerate Generative AI-led innovation and adoption. AInnov enables development of embedded AI applications for multi stakeholder experiences. STL Digital’s expertise in Data Engineering and Generative AI has culminated in the development of these cutting-edge solutions, aimed at empowering businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences by harnessing advanced natural language understanding and response generation across various domains.

While enterprises are increasingly employing generative AI to analyze complex data sets, discern patterns, and process multi-faceted variables, the path to integrating these advanced systems is riddled with challenges. Some of the most significant hurdles include training Generative AI for specific enterprise use cases, fine-tuning algorithms for greater  accuracy, ensuring data security, handling multi-modal inputs, and improving the quality of trained data.

STL Digital has successfully cultivated robust capabilities in designing and training AI models to produce novel, context-aware outputs and has honed its proficiency in refining and testing these models in real-world scenarios.

STL Digital’s AInnovTM empowers enterprises to innovate with AI and realize business value.

The components of AInnovTM include:

  1. AI services, frameworks, methodologies, and solutions: These form the core components of AInnov, which offers tailored solutions for document summarization, data augmentation, custom Q&A dialogue, and experience reimagination.
  2. Model fine-tuning and implementations for specific use cases, public and proprietary enterprise data. AInnov allows for the customisation (“fine-tuning”) of existing AI models to better suit specific applications (“use cases”),  ensuring flexibility and adaptability.
  3. Integration with  industry-leading AI platforms -AInnov seamlessly integrates with existing AI platforms and algorithms, including hyperscalers and  open-source ecosystem. It enhances their capabilities and enables enterprises to customise them to their unique needs, thereby expediting the path to contextualization and adoption.
  4. Consumer experience engineering  – STL Digital has created an innovative Experience Commerce solution that combines Gen AI, mobile features, mixed reality, and APIs to facilitate decision-making for reimagining, comparing, and actualizing new experiences. This solution leverages AInnov’s patent-pending technology, integrating commercial Gen AI components and open-source innovation
  5.  Industry value realization–  STL Digital’s AlnnovTM solution on Gen AI  and Digital Twin modeling, have the potential to increase productivity, improve predictive maintenance and enhance security  for multiple industries like energy, resources, life sciences, manufacturing & consumer goods.

Commenting on the launch of STL Digital’s Generative AI solution, Spandan Mahapatra, CTO & Head of Services & Alliances, STL Digital, said: “We are thrilled by the possibilities that Generative AI can create for enterprises. Through AInnovTM, STL Digital is simplifying the approach to continuously exploring, evaluating, and enabling the Gen AI components as they evolve along the maturity curve. To accelerate Gen AI journeys anchored in trust and safety, we are adopting a solution-led and cross-platform approach. We have incorporated proprietary, partner-led and open-source services to drive sustainable innovation and business value realization.”

About STL Digital:

STL Digital, a wholly owned subsidiary of STL, is a global IT and consulting Services provider that enables enterprises and industries to experience the future of digital transformation. With a comprehensive portfolio of services, including product engineering, cloud and cyber security, data and AI, and enterprise SaaS, we work closely with businesses worldwide to deliver innovative experiences and operational excellence with agility. Read more

STL is a leading global optical and digital solutions company providing advanced offerings to build 5G, Rural, FTTx, Enterprise, and Data Centre networks.

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