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Press Release -- October 9th, 2023
Source: gsa

GSA and Opensignal partner to enrich industry data on status and experience of 5G networks globally

  • 9 Oct 2023
     Richard White

    Opensignal’s mobile network experience data from 165 operators to be integrated into GSA’s GAMBoD database of networks, technologies and spectrum

    The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) and Opensignal have signed a Cooperation Agreement to deliver information sharing and access to resources. The partnership will see the two organisations collaborate to analyse the status and user experience of 4G and 5G networks and devices, to help expand and enhance the detail and scope of their industry reports. Opensignal analyses billions of measurements from mobile network users across the globe daily, enabling it to report as accurately as possible the real-world mobile experience that users receive in their everyday lives. Mobile network experience data on 165 operators across 80 countries will now be integrated into GSA’s GAMBoD database.

    GSA research tracks over 2,568 operators in its unique GAMBoD database, including data on 545 public 5G networks which are being deployed, evaluated, tested or trialled globally, as well as networks that are currently in the planned or licensing stage. The addition of data from Opensignal will see GAMBoD and associated GSA reports expanded to include country-based data on 5G network availability, along with data on 5G games and video experience and average 5G download and upload speeds. Users of the GAMBoD database, which is available to all GSA members and associates, will be able to interrogate the data broken down by region, country and operator, and create their own charts for use in their own documents and presentations.

    The first GSA report incorporating Opensignal data will be the new 5G Experience report, which will be published in October. The full report will be available to GSA Members and Associates and include annexes detailing operator-level data on key 5G experience metrics. A free summary report, outlining headline regional and country data will be available to all registered visitors to the GSA website.

    To support the publication of this new report, a GSA Snapshot Webinar, open to all industry stakeholders, will be held on 31st October 2023. Registration to attend the 5G Experience Snapshot webinar is free and open here:

    Barry Graham, President Market Impact at Opensignal, said: “Models, simulations and predictive measures of network performance cannot measure true user experience from the most relevant information source, actual mobile phone users. Opensignal’s objective is to report as accurately as possible the real-world mobile experience as recorded by mobile network users. Integrating this data into GSA’s GAMBoD database of networks, technologies and spectrum globally is a significant step in equipping the mobile ecosystem with the comprehensive view they need not just on where 5G is being deployed, but also where it is delivering what it promises.”

    Joe Barrett, President of Global mobile Suppliers Association, said: “Industry investment in 5G is continuing to gather pace, with GSA recording over $50 billion spent on 5G-related spectrum auctions and assignments and to-date over 275 commercial and soft-launches of 5G networks and counting. Accurately understanding the status of 4G and 5G across the world is a vital resource for telecom regulators, mobile operators, vendors and analysts. Supplementing GSA’s comprehensive database with real-world data on the experience these networks are delivering adds further value to GSA Members and Associates subscribing to the GAMBoD database, equipping them with the insights they need to make informed decisions and investments.”

    The GSA GAMBoD database is a unique search and analysis tool that has been developed to enable searches of LTE and 5G devices and new global data on Public and Private Mobile Networks, Mobile Operators, Devices, Chipsets and Spectrum Assignments. Results can be presented as tables or charts and may be inserted into documents or presentations, subject to the accreditation of GSA as the source. Mobile network experience data provided by Opensignal and included in GSA reports should include clear source attribution to Opensignal and the relevant GSA report. Operator-level data provided by Opensignal is published in GAMBoD with a 6-month lag time.

    More information on the methodology behind how Opensignal measures mobile network experience can be found here:

    To explore the GSA GAMBoD database and access the most up-to-date information on 4G & 5G devices networks, technologies, and spectrum, please visit To enquire about subscribing to the database as a GSA Associate, please go to:

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    About Opensignal
    Opensignal is the leading global provider of independent insights and data integrating network experience and market performance across converged, wireless and broadband operators.
    Our public reports are the recognised global standard for benchmarking network experience. Our customer-centric, holistic solutions create unprecedented insights which enable communication providers to improve their networks and maximize commercial performance, improving connectivity for all. The company has headquarters in the USA, Canada, UK and sales offices in South America and Asia.

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